Why did I have to forget my cell today!?

  1. Well, it has to be the day when my SA called for something I've waiting for in exactly the right leather and HW. By the time I got the message and called back, she's left for the day and "someone has put it aside". :cursing:
  2. Oh no! Maybe the other lady won't want it!!! Or think of it this way, something better will come along...
  3. ACK!!! One day? Your SA should have priority! Grrrr.. I'm sure it depends from store to store, but 24 hours (even if it's a wanted item) should be a reasonable time for you to respond.
  4. Oh no!!! So sorry to hear that! :sad: *hugs*:heart:
  5. Ooh! How disappointing. Maybe if you call first thing in the morning she'll try and get it for you? You never know. Good luck!
  6. In my dinky corner of Alaska, none SO bags only get held for a couple of hours before they go to the next one on the list, or even shorter if someone happens to walk in on it.

    To be fair they will hold for longer if I just called back promptly and indicated definite interest.
  7. Awww...bummer! Hopefully the other person will not want it and it goes to you...crossing my fingers and toes for you tomorrow!
  8. oh no! hopefully, whoever it was passes up on it!

    lesson : never leave home without it - cellphone, that is!
  9. It doesn't work like this where I am. The SA will call the customer and asks if the customer is interested AND when he/she would be coming down. In the case of a missed call, the SA still would not release it to the next person until there is expressed indication of no interest. There was a time when I was away, and I explicitly told the store I was going to be away for 2 weeks, and if anything that I'd indicated interest come in, to put aside for me. They did.

    Well, customers are expected to show up the same day or at most a couple of days later from receiving the call. And after the customer views it, he/she has about 3 days to think about it if he/she is uncertain, before it's released to the next customer on the list.
  10. Oh no I would be so mad! Hope you get it in the morning!
  11. Tods...

    Yikes....I tell them to email me instead...I more likely than not will get the email... and ususally they will send pics as well so I can make an instant decision..Was it an extremely hard to find item?
  12. ^^ QM, they do emails! :wtf: I am astonished! Will DEFINITELY ask for that next time. I NEVER miss emails. Practically glued to a computer somewhere somehow.
  13. tods123: I am heartsick for you!! :crybaby:

    There has got to be a way to get around this!! Is there anyone out there than can help? Where is the Hermes Fairy when we need her??

  14. Unfortunately our corner of Alaska is jump on it or it's gone. For such a small store, they have a large customer base. I know people from Texas, Florida, and Singapore who patron this store as opposed to their local H.

    It's a bit like battling in the H wilderness for survival
  15. OK, thinking again.

    If they could "set it aside" for someone else, then they must have some kind of timing standard like mrssprinkles outlined above. Well, how long has it been since it was "set aside" and was there strong interest in it? If they are only waiting for a return call from that person, then maybe time is up and they can release it back to you? Can you go to the store?