Why did I go in there?!

  1. Yesterday I went into Hilton Hawaiian Village Le Sportsac. And I ended up buying a MM Paradiso at Hawaii retail. It's making me a bit regretful. x__x

    And that's because I couldn't leave it in the store. It wanted to go home with me!! Earlier that day I also purchased a Inferno MM... :push:

    I just wanted to go in there to "look" but it didn't end up that way!! :nuts:
  2. LOL! It's the toki-addiction curse. You can't just go in there and look hehe

    The Hilton Hawaiian Village is so pretty! I didn't know there was a LeSportSac store in there.. kewl!
  3. it was my first time there. i was like WOW this is so nice!! XD I want to stay there. :[
  4. The Hilton Hawaiian still has the paradiso print??? :nuts: I was in waikiki too last night and went into one boutique... the one across the royal hawaiian village, but no paradiso. Just l'amore, spiaggia, pirata and famiglia!
  5. congrats happy toki! tokis are def an addiction. :yes:

    when you see one, they look so cute that you just wanna grab all of them! :drool:
  6. yep they do. xD but when i asked to see more of the paradiso MM she only took out two. there are more of other styles though. she opened a cabinet to show me and it was full of paradiso. :]

    but so expensive!! she asked me how much my inferno bella was and i told her and she said "yeah it's more expensive in hawaii. :[" Lol
  7. WOW!! I should have asked. I wanna go again now!! :nuts: Haha! But I really should try to hold off a bit more. We'll see. Thanks for the info.
  8. WOW! A MM I'm looking everywhere for a MM in any of the past prints. I wish there was a place that still sells them here :girlsigh:
  9. Lol i realized waikiki has i think 6 lesportsac stores. ><
  10. kula what print are you looking for? i think the le sportsac stores in waikiki ship to the mainland.. :o
  11. Haha!! 6??? I just called 2 stores and they said the paradiso print was sold out a while back or has been sent to waikele. :sad: Hmm.... that's okay. I'm thinking of a MM in L'Amore too. Hehe.
  12. which two did you call? only the ones in the hilton hotel has it. you have to call their galleria.
  13. those two numbers that you listed in another thread :p. i think one was royal hawaiian. not sure what the other store was.
  14. i am the complete opposite. i have never bought a toki from the store!!

    well, the only store around me that sells tokis that i know if is metropark. i totally spaced and didn't look at the spiaggia bv they had during their memorial day sale. i saw everything else, and that was part of the display so i didn't even think of looking at it :sad: but now i have darqbeauty's bv! :p
  15. the hilton one is this one.. 973 2655 but i think there's two hilton ones. so if you go to the hilton.. the one that i bought mine from last night is near where you enter the hilton grounds (with a car). take the first diagonal-ish walkway to the left and then take another left past LV and you should see the le sportsac sign.