Why did I get this bag????

  1. Today I received this MJ Bal Harbour from eBay. The seller states that the purse was used 1 time and was a good as new. But I see wear on the hardware, i.e. it's not shiny and looks a bit dull to me. I paid $445, do you think that is a fair price? I don't have my camera to post pics for you. I emailed her and said I wasn't happy. I haven't heard from her. My husband thinks the bag is fine for the price and to possibly expect this quality when the item says "used 1 time" that means it is used and not brand new. This picture is from the seller on eBay, it looks shiny here but not IRL. Am I being overly picky? It's so subjective, I'm never buying anything with the word "used" in the description. Has anyone had this type of experience? I posted this questionon the eBay forum as well.

  2. I saw one of these and Nordstrom rack for $545. That bag seems to look ok to me.
  3. Is it only the hardware that is bothering you, or the overall bag itself? Is the bag is much poorer condition than in the photo posted? Sometimes the camera flash can make hardware look shinier than it is. Is the plastic still on the pushlock? In the photo in appears that it's still on there.

    Personally, I think you got a great deal on this bag, and I agree with your hubby.
  4. Thithi there are no plastic covers on the push locks. The bag is in good condition, however it wasn't stored right and is a bit flat but I suppose with propler TLC it'll regain its' shape. It's the hardware that's bothering me. Thanks Thithi and Merraine for helping me feel better! I'm still pondering on what to do.
  5. OMG I was just about to go so sleep and decided to give the bag another look and yes! there is plastic over the pushlock. How did you spot that on the picture and I didn't even see it IRL??? I do love the bag so I'm keeping it. Thanks for your feedback!
  6. Took the words right out of my mouth (well, mind!)... we all have pushlock plastic on our brains. :smile:

    Glad everything worked out for you momo!
  7. LOL... I definitely spend too much time looking at pushlocks.:noggin:

    Does the hardware look any different under the pushlock than compared to the rest of the bag? Just curious.

    I'm glad you're keeping the bag! It's really gorgeous. I always wanted one of these but couldn't bring myself to fork over the money for it.
  8. i think that's a great deal on the purse =)
  9. I'm glad you're keeping it. It is a great deal for this bag, and like thithi it was one of those bags that I always wanted and never could justify. Great deal! It's a gorgeous bag!

  10. Wow Thithi...I swear you have SuperHero Authenticater powers! I never would've spotted that pushlock plastic!

    Momo - Now that the plastic is off try using a polishing cloth on the hardware. It really makes a huge difference sometimes!
  11. You bought it because you knew that it was a beautiful bag! Congrats
  12. Ladies thank you for all your votes of confidence. I haven't taken the plastic off the push lock, I think I'll keep it on for a little while longer. Devinesgirl2004 thanks for the tip on the polishing cloth I will try it out, I'm sure it'll help.
  13. momo, that's a GREAT looking bag! I wish I'd seen it first...You should be very proud to be seen with this bag. Congratulations.
  14. That bag is great, I was looking at that one, I like how the chain is different (I have the little lou). I think you will enjoy it, and it is a good price. :smile:
  15. lol thithi,

    you should work for the bag industry, i'm sure you have more expertise than lots of women that locate and stock bags for neimans etc. anyway, i was outbid by this gal, i wanted this bag so bad and bod on it and lost, so i'm not going to comment.

    enjoy it though.