Why Did I Get Married Too?

  1. I really enjoyed the first movie so I was looking forward to this sequel. I saw it last night with some girlfriends. Every show after 7 pm yesterday was sold out.

    I enjoyed the movie but I wasn't happy with the ending. I felt like it was rushed and also I wasn't satisfied with how some of the characters' storylines were wrapped up. That's all I will say cause I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.

    Overall I did like it. If my DF wants to see it (I think he does) I will go see it again with him. :yes:

    Who else saw it and what did you think?
  2. I havent seen it but I think I will, the title got me intrigued !:biggrin:
  3. This exactly, I felt the same way. It kind of went down one path and it kind of lacked where it was going with the other storylines.
  4. I just saw the movie a few hours ago. I was mildly entertained. I thoght the
    characters and storyline were not developed enough. However, out of all of
    the couples jill Scott and her hubby by far were my favorites. I think if jill
    keeps acting could have a bright future. However, janets acting skills lacked.
    At times it was hard to watch.

    One of my favorite scenes is when all of the couples had to get up and explain why they got married. Cicily Tyson and her husband by far stole that scene.Their were some other good scenes in the movie too. But I was shocked that janet's (malikyoba) was killed off. And of all of the men to play janet's new love interest why did "The Rock" get the part??

    Overall, I give the movie a C+
  5. PYT - you summed it up the same way another friend did. Actually she gave it a D+

    I really like the Original and thought Tyler should have left it there. Some moves don't deserve sequels.
  6. Hi...miss you KNAZ...and I totally agree. I liked the movie for the most part and had a few good laughs but I was not thrilled with the way things ended at all. It was defiantly rushed. I got the impression they ran out of time.
  7. DC-cutie -D+ sounds about right! I was trying to generous.

    I failed to mention how Angela was really not that funny this time around.
    She gave me a dayum headache with all of her ranting and raving. She
    screamed at least 90% of the movie. For me she was just "hood". But I
    will say that she looks GOOD! The scene on the beach where she was
    running on the beach in her bikini!! Hunny had it going on! Her body is
    well proportioned and toned.

    And lastly, can we talk wigs for a second please....Who in the hell was
    responsible for Cicily Tysons wig?? It was just horrid. That woman is a legend!
    You think they could have sprung for a better wig for her. And jill scott's wigs
    were a mess too. *shrugs*
  8. I saw it last night. I also agree that Angela was not funny this time! Yeah I wasn't feeling Cicily and Jill's wigs. I wish Tyler would stick to playing Madea and hire another actor to play his character. Over all the movie was ok but it was a lot going on.
  9. Hey Bentley!! *waves*

    Yeah the whole Patty (Janet) storylline.... *sigh* It was just wrong.

    Angela was over the top this time. But I thought she had some funny moments. Especially when she said what her husband's resting heartbeat was, lol!

    Jill Scott's character definitely had the best and most believable storyline. I agree Jill is getting better and better... did ya'll catch her on Law & Order SVU a couple weeks ago? She was good!

    Tyler Perry's situation... they could've developed that so much more. And it should've been his wife and Phil in Angela's house on Tues/Thurs at noon. Now that would've been some DRAMA. :p

    I don't know.... I feel like this had the potential to be a really good sequel but fell short. :sad:

    And yeah, whoever was in charge of Cicily's wig needs to be fired.
  10. oh man! I was looking forward to this movie. So should I wait for it to get to redbox? lol
  11. ^Yeah. The show I went to was sold out and I can tell you the crowd was pi$$ed.
  12. I saw it and i felt it was good,but yet it was missing something. I can't figure it out. I can not stomach Tyler doing a love scene, it just seems so unatural, i'm just saying i was uncomfortable for him.lol To me Jill Scott seemed like she just want to break out in song with her acting i don't know maybe i watch to many of her videos. and The Rock, y not Idris Elba, y not tyreese, y not Morris Chestnut. what was the bag Janet carried toward the end,the red one? anybody?
  13. FInally saw the movie today and thought it was okay. I liked the first one better.

    BUT! can we talk about Michael Jai White:blush: talk about fine!
  14. I can't because when I see him, I see Mike Tyson, remember he played him in a movie... it's forever in my memory, sadly
  15. Really liked the message. The acting though, left much to be desired.