Why did I get annoyed by this sight?

  1. Ok, here is what happened. The other day, I was in CVS, and I saw a little girl about 9 or 10 years old (elementary school age), and she had her very own beautiful white mini COACH signature hobo!!! I was a bit taken aback by this, just because the girl was so young. She was shopping with her mother, and by what the mother was wearing, they appeared well-off. But I couldn't help but be upset and annoyed that such a little girl had a Coach bag. Is it wrong for me to be annoyed? I mean, yes, these people have a right to spend their money as they please, but it almost seems like an innocence is lost when someone so young is carrying a designer bag. Like they are brand-conscious at such a young age. It almost seems ridiculous, like what's wrong with a cute little $12.99 XOXO heart purse for a 10-year old girl? I don't know. I hope I don't insult anyone, but that's just me. Maybe you can offer some insight, or even agree with me! Thanks!
  2. I'm with you.
  3. Eh I see nothing wrong with that. Coach seems appropriate. If it were Chanel I would probably feel that way.
  4. I think its fine as long as the child respects the bag and looked after it, i dont think the mother would of given it her daughter if she was going to throw it about and disrespect it
  5. i completely agree... it's just proof that the woman treats her child as another accessory. ouch.
  6. Yes, I agree completely. Some of us got our first designer bags at a very young age. I know I got my first Coach at 12 and it was not something I asked for but my mom thought it would be nice for me and got it for me. To this day I still have that bag and I can still use it if I wanted to because its still in fantastic condition. But receiving that first bag just made me appreciate quality bags that don't break and last for years.
  7. If I had a daughter that was trustworthy, deserving, and really wanted a small coach bag, I think I would consider buying ONE for her (assuming I had the funds).
    A big thing you have to consider is how other people are going to view you and your daughter... and the fact that your daughter could be a HUGE target now.
  8. that's really a gross assumption IMO.
  9. Agreed. You said the mother appeared 'well off.' If she can afford it and it makes them both happy i see no problem. As someone else already stated if it was Chanel or a higher end brand i would see the point, but if it was a mini Coach bag.. That is pretty run-of-the-mill around here at least..
  10. i suppose i'm assuming from the mother i have then eh? i don't think i could hand my kid a purse that cost over 50 bucks till she was old enough to respect the value of money, but then again i haven't been in contact with too many good mums in my life, so it depends on the values instilled on the kids. i've been to a few places in my life that have shown me some ppl who do just that, treat their children like accessories. *shrug* imo.

    eek, i don't know if i'd have that much money to buy my 12 year old a coach purse, i'd be more worried about a backpack and school clothes and activities n such lol

    *ponders playing powerball*

    ETA PS i wasnt trying to offend anyone, BTW.

  11. Hmm. To some people, Coach is like Chanel, if they can't even afford Coach. I guess it's all relative. It just seemed strange to see the girl with it, though, and personally, I would wait until the girl was maybe in high school before getting her designer items.
  12. OF COURSE i didn't even think that the kid could also be using mums purse and tryin to be like mum, and in that case i suppose assumptions shouldn't be made:shame:
  13. I agree with not making assumptions. I have a friend who bought her then 10 year old daughter a Louis Vuitton mini Noe to "celebrate" her recovery from leukemia. Before that, had I seen a young girl with a designer bag, I would have thought her spoiled. Now, I wonder if that bag represents something wonderful...like Abby's bag!
  14. wow :crybaby:
  15. aww :crybaby: