why did I get a snotty SA?

  1. Nothing helpful in this post, just a rant!

    Last week, I went to a Chanel boutique in my area and saw an east-west that I wanted to buy. The flap closure was a little crooked (one side was higher than the other) so I asked for a new one to see. The SA replied that they were all like that.

    Then when I said that I wanted to buy a new one she repeated that they were all the same and crooked in one way or another but refused to give me a new bag. I asked her at least 3 separate times if not more to see a new bag. Did they not want to make a sale? I left extremely annoyed without buying the bag. I called Saks the next day to make a phone order but they don't have the color and I don't want to go back to that horrid boutique. Hmmph! :hysteric:
  2. They are inexcusable! Was she/he the only assistant? I would ask to speak to the manager and if there is noone the address to which complains should be sent. That always seems to freak them out!

    So sorry you went through this!
  3. Hm... your SA was rude...BUT I must say my east/west is a little crooked too and it doesnt bug me.
  4. Regardless if all the east/west bags are crooked -- the SA should of brought out as many as they had for you to pick the one you wanted.
    Their is no excuse for the way she acted.
  5. *sigh* they really are all crooked? =( But still they should've brought out at least one other. It's so different from how Balenciaga will take out all the bags you want to choose from. =(
  6. Where were you?

    I'd be MORTIFIED if I were treated that way, as would be any of the SA's I use!

    What color are you looking for?
  7. this is Chanel for heavens sake!! The SAs should have brought you fricken wine if you requested it! Pathetic! Sorry about your bad experience!
  8. ^I have gotten exemplary sevrice from every store I've visited, including the Beverly Hills/Rodeo store which I read a lot of complaints about. . . there's just NO good reason for this :sad:
  9. Wow! She wanted to sell you the display bag?!?!?!

    I can't believe she refused to go get you a new bag, you did good by not buying the bag from her. Gee, what a snoot.
  10. i'm so sorry she was such a pain.... i'm surprised she was so blatantly rude. some SAs come across a little fake but they are never rude!

    i don't understand these sales people. they'ld rather spend the time and effort arguing with pple than making a sale. it would be so much quicker to go to the back and get it! :cursing:

    which chanel were you at? maybe one of the PFers could reccomend a better SA from that store? :flowers:
  11. I don't want to write the store here because I don't think we're allowed to do that anymore. Let me just say that it's an actual Chanel boutique and not within a department store so the bad service fazes me even more!
  12. So sad that you had such a horrible experience. It's no execuse and they don't deserve your money. I just ordered the Lady Braid NM in Vegas. Charlie was wonderful and very accomodating! They take Visa also. Give him a call 1-702-731-3636. Can't find the 1-800 number but he will call you back.
  13. thanks gloss_gal! I will try that later today! =)

  14. Oops... really? i'm sorry i didn't know that. My bad. But I hope you find the bag that you want!
  15. I'm not sure WHY but there are always 1 or 2 SA in every Chanel who absolutely REFUSES to bring out any more bag or do any type of 'check' the backroom... Like when I got my reissue I thought the bottom was funny but I asked a SA (not my usual one) and she said IT WAS NORMAL! So that just proves either they think I'm too picky or they don't believe their bags are perfect either so they don't want to waste their time bringing out another one.

    Btw mas caviar is more crooked. You should consider lambskin if you want a more even flap (Im not sure which one your planning on getting)