Why Did I Chicken Out?

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  1. i really do love the little stam, its the perfect size for me, i love the size, its under a thousand, its hot right now, funky and elegant. but i just couldnt buy it.. i dont understand myself.. ive never spent that much on a bag, especially on retail, but i thought i loved it so much that the price wouldnt matter but i left without it. :sad: it was going to be a bdaypresent to myself, so i dont know, should i just wait around for it, or just go ahead and buy another marc by marc bag? oh i feel so stupid.:crybaby:
  2. If you really love the baby stam, get it. DO NOT BUY A REPLACEMENT BAG! It will not replace your love for the stam. PERIOD.
  3. Aarti, don't feel stupid, designer handbags aren't cheap. If you do come across a Marc by Marc bag that you absolutely love, then go for it. Otherwise, I would agree with Elongreach about not getting a replacement bag.

  4. I was just speaking in reference to the idea of using a bag as substitute because you don't want to pay the price for it. I've done it all the time and by the time I'm done, I might as well have spent the money on the original bag that I really wanted.
  5. Elongreach, I misworded in my last post. I totally agree with you about not settling for another bag. =) Only we purse lovers would understand that mentality, I'm sure friends and family think we spend way too much $$. =) I wanted to say that if it's out of range for some, then something less would be fine if and only if the purse is love at first sight. =)
  6. aarti, don't feel bad! bags are expensive and they only seem to get more $$$ as time goes on.
    i agree with elongreach wholeheartedly though. if you truly love something, you should get it. getting another marc by marc is fine if that is what you want. in the long run, you're better off buying what you want initially bc otherwise, you may pine for your original love and never feel fulfilled!
  7. I know bag.lover. :yes: Just trying to make sure it comes out clear. I've been having miscommunication problems lately.
  8. Amen to that.:yes:
  9. ^ Couldn't have said it any better, Jennifer & Elongreach. =)
  10. thanks girls :smile: your absolutely right elongreach, maybe i should just set up an ebay account, sell the bags i dont use, and then use that money to buy the bag, that way i wont feel as freaked?
  11. That sounds like a marvelous idea. That will definitely help with the price tag. You do what you have to to get a bag you really want.:yes:
  12. aarti --- I know how you feel. Sometimes it's just so much money and you're not entirely convinced you should spend it all in one place. But you know what's going to happen tonight, right? You're going to dream about this bag tonight and tomorrow, you will wake up and get that bag :lol: !! I, uh, speak from experience :shame: ...
  13. lol :shame:
    s:drinks:o heres to the stam in a couple of weeks?
  14. cheers to that! :drinks:
  15. :drinks: cheers! Post pics, okay ;) ?