Why Did Ebay Email This And Do This I Am So *******mad

  1. I listed 7 items on eBay..When I got to the 8th item they said I was only allowed 7 in a 7 day period..I emailed them to ask why and this is the response I got from them Below"

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the restriction that is on your

    Upon review of your account, we have determined that the restriction was
    placed appropriately and will remain in place indefinitely.

    You are not permitted to sell items on eBay bearing the name or logo of
    a company if the product has not been made or authorized by that
    company. In addition, the sale of counterfeit items, unauthorized
    replicas and unauthorized copies is prohibited by law, and therefore
    cannot be listed on eBay.

    This policy also helps protect buyers from purchasing counterfeit or
    fraudulent items and helps protect the intellectual property rights of
    third parties.

    I encourage you to read the information available on our Help pages
    about why we may remove items from the eBay site.

    I HAVE NEVER sold a fake never had a problem with ebay ..I have 100% feedback and have been a member since 1998..I only sell real LV & CHANEL stuff so why this??
    Has anyone else got a restriction on there account
  2. This has been happening to a lot of sellers. They are trying to crack down on the fakers.
  3. I understand that..BUT I AM SO FAR from a faker..I NEVER had a problem in 9 years...I have 2 things listed now and want to change the price to a lower price and it won't even let me do that..
  4. is there any way to contact them live?
  5. It doesn't matter that you never sold a fake. It is a new policy on ebay and you will may have a hard time trying to get the restriction removed. This is a nightmare for many. It has been talked about on many of the purse boards by heavy duty sellers. I'm sure some of them are on this board - hopefully they will post their experience with this.
  6. can you email them a receipt or anything?
  7. THEY DON'T CARE about receipts
    . If it was up to the designer themselves..I have a feeling that 1 day NO CHANEL LV or ANY designer bags will be allowed to be sold on ebay.

    If someone here has a phone number of a real person at ebay to talk to I would appreciate it...
  8. Supposedly selling Chanel items is where they are cracking down the worst. They did this to me a couple of weeks ago, but lifted it after a day because I sent them receipts and proof I mailed the items I sold prior to that.

    I have battled with PayPal and ebay....2 more items I have listed must sell and then I'm done selling.
  9. Add me to that list! I upgraded to chocolate Guccissima (LOVE IT!!!!) and was trying to get rid of my "old" Gucci canvas bags, all the matching excess-ories, and a backpack. Some wannabe bidder got in an email war with me because I wouldn't prove to them that it was "authentic"... apparently, saying it's real isn't good enough. And I don't keep the cards, boxes, receipts, wrapping paper, stuffing, clerk spittle, and I even threw away a "dust cover bag" (gasp!!!...hey!, I didn't know!!...I buy this stuff to actually use it, not to store it in my prized possessions closet!).

    Right after that, my items were cancelled and I got the email from EBay telling me if I try to relist, I'll be banned. *sigh* So, now, I don't even know how to sell it (I guess this is where the "dust cover" comes in handy). I guess my motto is going to be become "Gucci is for life...no really, it's for life!" :smile:
  10. I hope eBay gets its a$$ kicked by a hypothetical up and coming auction site. Yea that's right...I said it
  11. same happend to me. I had restriction placed on my ebay account, limit 1 per week, so I contacted them via e-mail asking to lift that restriction. 48 hours later they responded to me with similar e-mail like yours. But in my case they said that after reviewing it the limitation was lifted, did not ask for any receipts for my LVs. Also when I contacted them over the phone I was explained that in many cases their experts can determine by the pictures if the item in question is in fact authentic and then no receipts required.
    Have you had any listing removed before for any other reason?
    I don't want to sound offensive but as far as my experience goes (6 years on e-bay) never heard about authentic items being removed for that reason, they usually right on a top of it.
    If you are powerseller I can give you ebays 800 number to call and they would explain all your question. But only PS can use that number.
  12. ^^ i second that emotion!!! :biguns::biguns::biguns:
  13. You know, I don't understand how you can produce receipts if you bought items pre-owned and never had receipts in the first place!
  14. Actually that was one of the new requirements was that you had to have a receipt and prove that the item was yours, etc.
    It's stupid for honest sellers because I still see fakes on there that are not getting taken down, despite numerous reports.
  15. Just chalk it up to ebay making random rules without thinking about them first :push: