Why did Balenciaga change leathers?

  1. I know this may seem like such a naive question (sorry) - but why did they mess with a good thing?
    Before today I had never felt an early season leather before - ever. Now that I have i've been totally ruined! All seasons are goat leather, right? So why are there so many variations in thickness and distressing? Is it just too expensive to make the bags with the older style leather? Did they just want to mix it up? I mean why mess with perfection?

  2. My guess is that larger and larger demand led to the need to mass produce the bags, which usually affects quality.
  3. I wonder that too, I really wish I had Nicholas's contact info to ask him... anybody know ;) ?
  4. I was also just thinking, that was after Bal was sold to the larger conglomerate, whose focus was probably more on profits than quality--but I still don't think the new bags are terrible, they are just different. ^^Maybe we should all email Nick to get his response!
  5. ^^No they're not terrible at all - in fact it seems like they're getting better. But there is a huge difference between the thickness and softness of the older and newer leathers.
    I'm guessing it must have been a cost issue?
  6. to sell more? :roflmfao: i think with the changes on each year, people's suprised and wanted to know what is it that comes this year? and people keep on buying..
    or maybe because the older leather took more times in processing, the demands now are high and balenciaga doesn't want to lose profit, so they're doing the BEST they can on each season :P
    i don't know.. i'm just blabbing
  7. May be because the new leather is harder to fake with the veins and shine. Just a thought.
  8. ^Gosh, so similar to what I said 2 days ago. Don't you just love the word conglomerate Avery? ;)

    beauxgoris - There was a similar thread addressing this issue 2 days ago titled Long & interesting Balenciaga article! http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/long-and-interesting-balenciaga-article-30084.html
  9. ^^great minds think alike Layla--and I thought I had dejavu!
  10. i always wonder whyy.... why o why o why?!?!?! the old leather is not able to be replicated, the softness, the distressing, the wrinkling... *sigh*
  11. Me too mocean. Remember that old adage "If it isn't broken, don't fix it? "
  12. welp, i'm 1 of the only crazy ones here who adores the s/s '06 leather :love: ...honestly though, i've never felt the old leather (before '05), so i don't have anything to compare it to...but if it's thicker to the point of being heavier, it wouldn't be for me :sad:...one of the main things that attracted me to b-bags was how light they are...it's both a blessing & a curse that the new leather (as pretty as it is), is way too heavy for little 'ole me :angel:
  13. aaa - It wasn't heavier per se just a lot smooshier, thicker and soft. Much better quality leather was used in my opinion.

    ..."it's both a blessing & a curse"^:lol: reminds of Monk (the TV show), when he says this. :love: Monk.
  14. ^^Exactly - it's not heavier, just smooshier (is that a word)? I'm glad to hear that the '06 leather is nice again though. I'm trying (really hard!) not to purchase a rouge vif city.