WHY? denim vs signature pricing

  1. Can someone tell me why why why the denim Signature Stripe Small Hobo is $50 more than the khaki/mohogany one?

    Is it because I like the denim one more??? :cursing:
  2. lol ya i dont get that either
  3. I think I read the reason on another thread. Someone said the price difference is because denim is Coach's "it colour" right now and because on the denim purse, there is more intricate leather detailing.

    I like the denim more too. It's too bad about the price mark up, but hey, they're in business to make money.
  4. Because they can! Denim is more in demand right now, so they jack up the price. There is often only a $20 or sometimes no difference in the price between a siggy bag and a leather bag, too, and that makes NO sense to me, either!
  5. YES! :tdown: I posted about this before...I didn't realize the price difference until after I bought it. It's not very logical, but I bought it anyway, so I guess their ploy worked!
  6. Also there is more detail (lacing) on the straps of the denim then the regular.