Why Coach sends a METAL brass hangtag to replace my lost LEATHER hangtag?

  1. I had purchased a few Coach bags from Macy's and Nordstroms in the past. I've even registered them on Coach.com. But when I'd lost the LEATHER hangtags off my '06 Whiskey Shoulder Bag and my Black Leather Mandy, I'd called Coach to get them replaced (told them the Serial #, antique brass hardware color and purse leather colors) but they sent me these UGLY bright BRASS METAL hangtags as replacement for both the purses! It's hard to believe they don't have any Whiskey Leather nor Black Leather hangtags as replacements! Aren't these their standard leather colors currently? Does anyone know WHY Coach does this? I wonder if Coach did this because they don't have any record (thru Coach Boutiques) that I'd purchased these bags thru them? Does it effect any "replacement coverage" due to the fact that I purchased these bags thru another source other than the Coach Boutiques? (If that's the case, I may have to only buy from Coach stores and not Department stores in the future). Has this happened with anyone else? I just don't want to use these METAL hangtags as replacements when the purses are supposed to have LEATHER ones!

    Any info on this would be helpful! TIA!
  2. I have never tried to get replacement hangtags, but most of the bags I have bought recently have metal. It could just be that is what they have in bulk? Sorry you were unable to get the leather replacements.
  3. I'm not satisfied with the Coach replacement hangtag service myself. I've called twice to have a replacement black hangtag sent to me and I never received anything. The first time I waited and waited and waited and called them again to see why I hadn't received it yet. They said the order somehow never went out and promised to send another one right away. I still haven't received anything. :tdown:
  4. Thanks, Coachfreak. I'm just frustrated that they didn't even try to MATCH the METAL finish. Both purses have the ANTIQUE BRASS not the Bright Brass they sent me so I don't want to put them on cuz they just look so weird, like the hangtags obviously don't belong to these purses -they just don't match the rest of the hardware on the purse(s).
  5. Okay! See on most my bags I take the hang tags off pretty quickly (particularly metal) since they clang when I walk. I don't need to make ANYMORE noise when I walk :smile:
  6. *LOL* Yea, I'm probably better off without them anyway cuz I wouldn't want to "sound off" to anyone that I'm approaching. :lol:
  7. How much do the replacements cost? I didn't even know that they did that. It's kinda nice.

    LOL, I didn't even know that I could register my bags with them. Informative thread. :p (How do I register?)
  8. I think they stopped the bag registrations cuz the creed #s are no longer unique. I'm sorry to hear that they're so horrible at matching hangtags w/ the bags. I was going to call them on Monday to get one of my older bags a tag :sad:
  9. registering doesn't do anything now. They don't even include them in the bags anymore.
  10. I needed a replacement hangtag for a Legacy bag and I actually had my boutique call to request it for me. It was right after the Legacy collection came out in 2006 and there were a few people on the forum who needed replacements. If I remember correctly, I was the only one who received the correct replacement. I actually went into my boutique so they could see that I lost it and they called while I was there.

    I recently requested one myself for a black signature wristlet that had a black leather hangtag, also with vintage brass hardware, and I received a shiny brass metal one as well.
  11. It's like a crap shoot. If you get a knowledgable person, you either get the right tag or the answer that they aren't sure they have that exact replacement.

    Or you get the rep who has no clue and just throws any old tag in the envelope.

    When I got my legacy tag back, the snap button medallion did not fit on the chain. But at tleast I got the right hangtag...
  12. I recently lost a hand tag for my legacy shoulder bag and I fairly close to a outlet at the time so I went in and they had a replacement hangtag for me that matched the leather and the hardwear perfectly. If you live by a outlet maybe give them a call to see if they have any replacements...
  13. coach told me they only keep customer information for 2 weeks to "protect the consumer" I found this out during my bag color coming off mishap because I wanted them to look up how much I paid for the bag. Funny, I think if they really wanted to they could get any info they want. I think CS is going downhill
  14. Thanks, everyone, for all your input!! The SA's at the Boutiques here don't seem to want to help you if you purchased your Coach items originally from Department stores and not from them (which I just don't understand because to me, authentic Coach should be authentic Coach no matter where you purchase it or else why is Coach allowing Department stores to carry their items?). I guess if I'm ever near an Outlet (there aren't any Outlets in AZ), I'll see if I can get a Leather hangtag replacement. Otherwise, I'll have to learn to live without them. But I'll be sure to keep a tight reign and not loose any original hangtags on my other purses!