Why choose Chanel over LV?

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  1. I am finding myself looking Chanel bags quite a lot, I have been Lv girl. Do you guys think there is some good reasons to buy Chanel rather than Lv? I'm a little confused, I didn't see this coming.. :biggrin:
    They make both beatiful bags and accessories!
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    I'm always over at the lv forum and ive slowly been drifting over here. For me, I've purchased at least one lv product per month for the past few months and the last five items have had quality issues. Some might say that I have bad luck, but I genuinely would prefer to buy lv from eBay. Their quality is abismal and the customer services, whilst usually good, is difficult when trying to resolve issues. I think my next purchase will be Chanel and I'm not sure if I'll ever be back to lv, apart from for my vernis alma in pomme! I do love my Vuitton items, but the quality isn't worth the price for me
  3. I like both brands and will buy if i like the bag. With LV they have more selections so you will more likely to find what you want. I have the emp speedy on my list and will get it once i have decided on the colour.
  4. For me I would choose chanel bags anyway over LV. I can't justify spending so much money on canvas bags essentially. Also I just feel like sometimes the quality of LV bags feel cheap... Just my experience. I've never had a good experience with LV. I bought the little pouch with the key chain inside in vernis a long time ago and I used it a few times and the gold started scratching off of the hardware. I have 5 chanel bags and one of them I bought in 07 and the bag is still holding up beautifully.
  5. No single brand can ever fulfill every handbag need. LV doesn't offer a classic quilted flap and Chanel doesn't offer epi or mahina leather. I think many do abandon a brand when they've had quality issues or very poor customer service. If you've experienced that with LV, and Chanel can meet all of your needs, then by all means buy Chanel. Keep in mind that there have been many complaints about Chanel's poor customer service and decreasing quality.

    Thankfully, I haven't had any issues with my Chanel or LV bags, although I do tend to buy the more expensive leather LV bags (suhali, mahina, epi, verni), but even the few LV monogram bags and accessories I own, some which are about 15 years old, are in extremely good condition and I think they are of excellent quality. One of my most expensive bags, an Hermes Kelly, had to be sent back to Paris for quality issues, so it can happen regardless of how much money you spend and how far you travel up the "handbag heirarchy".

    I do feel like some will also abandon what they feel to be a "lesser brand" when they are able to afford a more expensive brand. Some think that there is a "right" brand to spend their money on. I say buy what you love and there is no reason that you can't buy Chanel and still buy LV.
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    I have one LV, a couple other designers, and several Chanel handbags. I wear what style I want for the occasion or outfit. Overall, I've always been attracted to more structured handbags such as Chanel. It's fun to have different designer bags and a wide range of styles to choose from, I love a variety! For me it's not X brand vs X brand, I buy what I like.
  7. Absolutely agree and wonderful post Swezfamily.

    I'd also add that our style constantly changes too, so it's very natural to find a brand you may not have considered attractive. I am biased though as I tend to indulge in a variety of brands to suit my needs.
  8. No. Lol! Why one over the other? I buy BOTH!
    If I need casual I choose my LV canvas bags. If I want to be dressed nicer I choose my Chanel.

    Although I think both can be versatile - dressy and casual.

    No need to choose one over another IMO.
  9. I totally agree!
  10. +2!!!

    They are both very different "style" of bags. Regarding the price, yes LV monogram line is made of canvas, not real leather, which is also why the price is 1/4 of a Chanel caviar flap. It does make sense here, so I don't find it overrated at all to pay for LV.
  11. I was a big time lv collector before but my style and needs change as I got older. Started liking the simplicity and style of the chanel classics and reissue.
  12. I bought LV bags for many years, stopped buying for about 5 years, and I resumed buying them again sometime last year, I believe. I had also an acute Balenciaga phase, and a few other addictions ( Fendi, Prada, Gucci, MJ... ).

    Most of the above bags have been stored, donated, or left in places where I spend vacations, so I don't have to carry purses back and forth. In other words, I rarely use them.

    Chanel has been different. I frequently use my older and newer Chanel bags. So, in my case, there is a good reason to buy Chanel over any other brand. :smile:
  13. For me personally, I would rather have a chanel bag over LV any day :smile: Chanel makes me so happy!
  14. Some ppl here said Chanel flaps are too common but I can't even start talking about how common LV is in the area I live

    I adore LV's epi leather but I really hate monogram and LV put it on so many products!

    Chanel is harder to get and more delicate and elegant IMO. Chanel doesn't have as many stores in US, Europe and Asia as LV and don't run as mass production as LV. All these hurt LV's image.

    I know some might disagree but LV's recent financials and change of strategy is a solid proof.