Why Change Your Job ??

  1. What reasons would you seek another job ?

    A Better quality of life.

    B More Money.

    C Better opportunities.

    D Or all of the above.
  2. None of the above should be a choice too, PM.

    I desperately want to change my job because my current job does not in ANY way challenge me. Frankly, I'd like to get out of this line of work completely, 27 years of it is LONG ENOUGH, but I'm at the age that most of you lovely ladies can't relate to just yet: seeing retirement as a reality, not something abstract. Because of that, I have to think about what happens if I leave this job: lose my retirement, my seniority, my ability to retire when I want to. Nothing worse than starting at the bottom rung of any ladder when you are 51.

    I need to win the lottery so I can do everything I daydream of doing, while I sit here day after day going mad with boredom...:sad:
  3. I'm not actively looking for a new job but I'm always open to other job opportunities that would allow me to progress.
  4. I would seek a job if I'm bored at my current one.... I am constantly challenged at my job though and they are very nice. Plus finding this forum has also occupied some of my time at work... LMAO.
  5. I would have to say all the above. I am still uncertain as to what i want to do career wise. Plus the money issue is big. I still dont make enough to live off for the rest of my life. I am still young and trying to move up in this world.
  6. All of the above...and I'm always on the look-out.
  7. i just recently changed my job for better quality of life. i have been working the night shift for so long now. always on opposite schedule of DH and everyone else. It will be nice to have meals as a family together again and to enjoy our weekends and holidays together again.
  8. I would leave my job, but I just love the people I work with so much. I don't want to start somewhere new and end up hating the enviroment.
  9. I don't have a job but I'd consider all of the above. Especially the money part, for now.
  10. i really lucked out because i am leaving to go where i started in the beginning only for a different position.

    that is why it is so important to always leave on good terms.
  11. Definitely ALL OF THE ABOVE. And since we're talking about jobs ... Anyone who is in the consulting industry? I'm trying to get my foot in the door into that industry. It'll be my dream job since I love challenges, solving problems, and travel (red eye flights rule!):yahoo:
  12. D.

    If companies can look past the fact that they have to wait until my visa gets approved to hire me, I'd be at another job right now.
  13. Wow! For me, I would love to change my job- to that of SAHM. But until my husband's practice picks up, I must work. The main reason for me to switch is quality of life. I have an excellent career, but it is incredibly demanding and I want more time home with my son. Of course, when the time comes and I am able to do it- I will probably still want to work at least part-time (i am part-time now as a litigator, but work what most people would consider beyond full time).
  14. For me, there has to be balance, and right now, I'm feeling I have alot of stress from my current position that I don't believe I'm paid enough for and the opportunity to advance is limited. So ALL OF THE ABOVE FOR SURE!!!
  15. More money. (to buy stuff)