Why Chanel?

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  1. Why did you guys chose Chanel Handbags to buy than the other designer labels?
  2. always a classic =)
  3. i just started the addiction this year March. I have bought 6 chanel since then. :yahoo::P
  4. I buy other designers too but I love the chain handles on Chanel bags :heart: Chainless Chanels don't normally get my attention, lol.
  5. :shrugs:Not sure, i go thru my phases.
    Last time was LV and Christian Dior. Now it's Chanel.:tup:

  6. OMG!! You're a Chanel Addict!! :yes:
  7. I founds more often than not that I just love the Chanel styles above all the other brands.

    IMO Chanel styles are classic, glamourous and always rather sexy in an understated way...... need I say more?
  8. agree with allbrandspls that it's about phases. for me i would like to start collecting some timeless pieces (like Chanel and Hermes) to pass on to the next generation, preferrably my daughter(s) - I'm still working on it as I only have 2 boys at the momeht. :love:
  9. Me too~:P
  10. I love its timeless beauty and elegance.
  11. i just love them, they fit my style and it is the name i choose to be identified carrying.
  12. bcoz of coco chanel, she's a legend :rolleyes: n itz impression, the classy+elegant design ^^
    n havent seen too many ppl carrying 'em...say in sydney's city, i often saw ppl carrying either LVs or gucci(s)...they're getting a bit boring ...
  13. classic, elegant, stylish, chic, graceful, long-lasting...love it!
  14. I grew up with them (well, the clothes and scarves). The one year I was looking for a classic satchel, NO ONE had them. Except Chanel. Also, when EVERYONE was doing locks, buckles, pockets and studs ALL on ONE bag, Chanel was simply quiet elegance. The lines, the colors, the simplicity all scream Coco Chanel. It works w/my style/taste.
  15. I totally agree with that statement. I used to love LV, but I guess I got tired of the same LV styles (with the exception of vernis which I love).

    Chanel is always bringing in new styles, totes and varies their collection while always keeping the classic look.