Why can't we SO a strap?

  1. I love my MC speedy but would like to have the option of using a strap. I didn't know that you can't SO a strap to fit the MC speedy. Has anyone ever had success ordering one?
  2. the regular vachetta ones don't work, or you want a MC strap? If you want MC strap, i'd suggest you get some belts and have a trusty leather expert to convert to straps?
  3. Rebecca said her mom used a strap on her mc speedy? I don't see the point personally. I would just buy a mc boulonge or solonge.
  4. I like the option of hand held or to carry, but if I could SO it would be vachetta. Just a larger one to fit the hard-ware.
  5. You probably could buy regular vachetta straps for the Alma and Monogram Speedy to us for your MC Speedy.
  6. Pinki,

    I did that and it wasn't really working:sad:
  7. when u mean not working, where went wrong? D-ring, length?
  8. AAAAH. i cant even think about destroying my lvs!!
  9. It doesn't fit properly on the hardware. The clasps that is. I need larger clasps, am I making any sense? :sad: