Why can't we buy Manolo Blahnik's online in UK??.....

  1. Or does anyone know of an online seller thats authentic? I think its so unfair :hysteric:
  2. neiman, bergdorf, and Barneys wont ship??
  3. naturalgasgirl on eBay is auth.. but overpriced.
  4. Manolos only sell in the US and not available in Europe for some reason. My SA at Neimans has people coming over from Europe just to buy them here... it's weird.
  5. There's nowhere I know of online but you could always make a trip to London and go to his store
  6. Same problem: the only way to get Manolos is either come to London or pay stupid prices on eBay (naturalgasgirl and manolochloe are the two authentic sellers I know of).
  7. What about net-a-porter?
  8. Net-A-Porter's UK site doesn't carry Manolos.
  9. ^Thanks I just looked and answered my own question.
  10. Hiya, I was just surfing and saw this thread - I bought a pair of Manolos and a pair of Fendi Motorbike boots from www.goodwillshopping.co.uk - i just thought I would say.