why can't they ship to me???

  1. I got so excited the other day after knowing Atlanta store has the EXACT birkin I look for. I called them rite away, but what I got is "sorry, we don't ship." :crybaby: those words broke my heart. Sigh..when will be the next time I see THE bag in the store? When I grow white hair?:crybaby:
  2. ling...that sucks.....
  3. aw i'm so sorry... can they transfer it to your store?
  4. or maybe you can ask any of your friends/relatives who live around there to get it for you?
  5. Would they allow you to buy it first using your CC, then ship it to a store new you to pick up?

    Edited to clarify:^^ as in buy it first over the phone with your CC, then either have them ship it to a store close to you or as GF suggested below, arrange your own courier pick-up.
  6. or, purchase over the phone, and you have a courier pick it up for you?
  7. They will do phone charges with AMEX, usually... hopefully they can transfer to your store...

    good luck!
  8. Why do they love AMEX so much?
  9. ^^Yeah, why? Don't they charge higher merchant fees to the store? I know they do here in south Alaska, so quite a lot of businesses don't accept AMEX even.
  10. I am sorry tods! I hope you can work something out with them!!!
  11. yep - I find this everywhere in South Alaska.
  12. I think b/c AMEX covers LOST if it happens, vs. the other cards DON"T.
  13. ^ ahhhh, I see. I think that must be a US thing...not sure if it's the same down deep south!
  14. I think once you use it once and they have you on file, you can use a visa or M/C...maybe MJones can give us some insight??
  15. Yes, this is what Yeti told me. Also, since I live in rural Alaska I had to give AMEX my shipping address so Hermes could verify it with them before even shipping teeny weenie items, like scarf rings. Even so they would not ship a bag, but I think some stores have different policies on that.

    They would accept other cards only after I presented myself in person and gave them ID and a real imprint of the card itself.