Why can't people read an auction?

  1. I'm so frustrated that it's not even funny.

    I'm selling items because I honestly need the money and also to de-clutter. This isn't a hobby for me right now.

    The #1 policy I have is that every bidder with less than 10 feedback has to contact me prior to bidding, or I will cancel their bid. Period.

    I've had 5 auctions so far where people ignore this, and I'm sick of canceling bids. It doesn't look good for anyone, honestly. I do want to get rid of the items, but I want bidders who are serious about completing the transaction.

    Why can't people read the terms? If you can't read something in bold, large font, and a different color, are you going to be able to complete the auction?

  2. Seriously, I've had this happen a lot.
    I also put that disclaimer up about 0 or low feedback buyers needing to contact me before they bid and they bid anyway. Fortunately though, the ones who have done so actually have paid. Maybe it just scares the scammers away? I haven't had a problem since putting that up on my auctions.
  3. Oh, I have this too... but, these days it's bid retractions nailing me, saying "wrong bid amount." Yet, they darn sure don't rebid. I am with ya on ppl not reading, I even had one seller say, well I didn't scroll down to the bottom.. HUH?
  4. ^Oh geez lol. I had a bidder who was going to leave me a neutral because the dvd set she received wasn't unopened. Nowhere in the auction did I ever say "unopened or sealed" I said "only watched once" and even showed a PICTURE of the discs that were inside! She still added in my fb comment to "read carefully, new might not mean unopened!" It's like, weren't you supposed to READ before you bid? Yikes. :rolleyes:
  5. I don't care if you plastered READ FULL AUCTION BEFORE BIDDING across every other line and in the title, these people wouldn't do it.
  6. Oh I know. Then they blame you for something they didn't read. It's so annoying.
  7. Make that another one.

    Unreal, they're going to cost me a ton of money this go-round.

    People, it's not that hard to read!
  8. Yea, I have a bunch of buyers ask "how much is shipping" when it is clearly stated. But I do think your 10-feedback requirement is kind of high. =(
  9. It's ridiculous! My auctions are very well laid out and I answer every question people could possibly ask. Yet, I get pissed off people wanting to know why they have to buy insurance, they didn't know the item was gently used, blah blah blah, not reading return policies, or reading them and deciding they shouldn't apply to them (that one was fun)

    people are idiots.
  10. The best part is that I have someone who already bid complaining about my shipping.

    If you don't like the shipping, don't bid. Period.
  11. Unfreakingbelievable.

    The same person who I contacted 2 days ago trying to get a response for violating the auction rules just bid again. Without contacting me.
  12. I am waiting for someone who bid a carpy bag up from 99 cents to complain about the condition of her $129 bag. Lots of photos, bag in fair condition, spots of wear & needed a dye job... Yep, I started it at 99 cents for a reason...
  13. the safest way to protect yourself seems to not the blocking new ebayer, but you should require a paypal account, I've started doing that and my NPB's have dropped considerably and I have had several new ebayers

    cancelling bids for less than 10 fb is honestly a bit much and I dont want it to hurt your business
  14. I find requiring a paypal account is necessary these days to keep down on NPBs. And then setting your paypal preferences to not accept payments with unconfirmed addresses helps a lot too.

    Regarding terms of no bids from less than 10 fb, some of my best transactions have come from bidders with less than 5 fb. Some of these turn out to be experienced ebayers who created a new id to hide their purchases from co-workers or spouses. Go figure.

    The other day, I came across some listings where the seller said that not only would she cancel bids from bidders who were prior NPBs or that had low fb, but also from bidders who had bought from her before but not left her feedback. That stopped me from bidding for sure. I hate feeling coerced into leaving feedback. It should feel voluntary.

    Regarding people not following rules, I think there is a sizable subset of buyers who bid to keep an item off the market then mull over whether they really want the item. Sort of like the ladies at a sample sale who will walk around with an armload of bags before they slowly decide which ones they really want. Sadly, not everyone takes seriously that there are rules like if you bid you pay or that the seller has terms like no returns for buyers remorse.
  15. oh gosh I know just what you mean. I don't ship internationally but every single week i must get 10 messages, how much is it to ship to Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong? It makes me crazy, I have in the auction that I don't ship internationally plus they can't even bid on the auction if they aren't in the US but still the messages come.