Why cant people do accurate postage costs???

  1. I am so annoyed at being over charged- Why cant sellers weight their items and add an accurate postage price??

    I brought a Gucci bag and got it for a really good price- they had used a crap picture. Postage was £7.00 seemed reasonable special delivery would have cost about £6.00.
    Turned up this morning wrapped in one piece of brown paper and it cost him £1.52 he used standard parcel post.
    I emailed and asked where the extra £5.00 had gone allowing him 48p for paper etc, and he said he had priced it on a courier due to the strikes- right but you didnt send it by courier you sent it by royal mail £1.52.
    Then he made the point that i saw the £7.00 postage before i bid- yes I know i did but becasue you had put £7.00 down i pressumed it was going to cost £7.00!!

    He wont refund the £5.00 - I am a seller and always give accurate quotes!

    Am i going over the top! - I just hate to see people make profit out of postage!
  2. Unfortunately some folks take the overpayment and justify it by saying it goes to the handling and eBay fees etc... It is crap but what you overpayed is not near what I have seen others hear complain about...
  3. I know its not a couple of pounds its £5 and for no reason, you know extra packaging, jiffy bag, tissue paper, bubble wrap - nothing just one layer of brown paper and stamps for £1.52!
  4. yes i agree..some ppl do overcharge for shipping. I usually dont bid when the shipping charge is more then $10.
  5. Ding him on his stars for over charging shipping and you could also note it in your feedback - but then you face possible lash out from him as well...
  6. I always spent more than I charged, accidentally of coure, then I increased my shipping charge and refund the buyer when it's less than what they've paid.
  7. ^Yeah same here. And even though my shipping price has been lower than what it REALLY cost me (I charge less than it actually costs), I still have 4.9 on my stars. Um ok..
  8. I believe that it is fair to make a buck or two over the cost of packing & shipping, but more than that seems excessive. As a seller if I make 50cents I am doing well, but if I make more than $2 I refund the difference.

    It ussually irks me however when I pay for priority shipping and recieve it parcel post....
  9. I cant stand sellers who overcharge postage!
    I sell items on eBay too and charge exactly what is costs and yet my stars are only 4.7
  10. I know- i weight everything and charge them exactly what it cost, and my stars are 4.7. I send everything signed for so they are paying for sinature post, I cant help that, that costs more!

  11. How can a seller possibly ship a high-end bag for this price? Insurance alone could be $10. $35 is not unreasonable for a high-end bag and I have paid much more to ship them, because the size of the box can double the postage.
  12. The bag i brought was worth £14.50 and did not come in a box hence why it cost only £1.52 to post!
  13. I usually try to charge what I think is fair based on what it will actually cost me to ship, plus any special packing materials. If I lose money on it, then it is my fault for not pricing it right. If I overcharged by more than $1 - then I offer to refund the difference.
  14. :yes: Any bag over $500 is going to cost me at least $18 to ship with insurance. Heck, my husband just sent his broken TIVO back to Amazon to fix (Amazon is refunding the shipping) and it was $24 because he insured it for the $599. And I always end up buying a larger box for the larger bags so I don't have to squish them.

    I'm lazy with international shipments, though. If the UK is $50 for Express mail, and Germany $52, and Singapore $47, and Japan $45, I just make the price $52 for all international buyers (except Canada and Australia). It takes too long to look up all of the different countries before listing.
  15. I have a scale and I make sure I weigh my bags in the box with padding to claculate the postage. $20.00 for domestic Priority, insured with signature confirmation may seem like a lot, but that is what it will cost to ship a 3 lb handbag (before packaging) to CA from CT. I don't like to be over charged either, but if I got a really good deal on an item, the extra shipping doesn't bother me at all. And it does save the seller a bit of $ on the FVF.

    If you got a really good deal on the Gucci, just move on, hardly worth the stress.