Why can't I sleep?!?!?!

  1. It's 1:17am and I'm on the freaking PF. I should be asleep because I have to get up at 8am. I'm just not tired. Someone make me sleepy. I wish my BF was here. He's usually complaining at this point that I need to get off the net.:graucho:
  2. Don't worry hun I can't sleep either! [​IMG]
  3. Staring at a computer screen long enough usually makes me sleepy... no matter what time of the day it is!
  4. hmm maybe because of the hot weather?
  5. It's cool in here. I have the air on. I'm getting sleep though... Hmm, maybe it was the 3 hour nap I took this afternoon.
  6. yeah maybe that's why. i took a nap too, that's why im still up.

    try.. warm milk?
  7. hehe naps will do that

    just make yourself lay down by like 3 to relax so at leas tif you don't sleep your body does rest itself
  8. I don't have any milk in this apt. I don't have much of anything in it.
  9. ok.. hmm maybe just like what alvie said..

    just lay down, put some soothing music and close your eyes..?
  10. I just started watching this movie on WE about playboy bunnies. Everyone is in it. Delta Burke, the mom from Growing Pains, Kirstey Alley, Lela Rochon, the girl from Mommy Dearest, etc. I'm too interested to sleep now. Maybe sleep is overrated. I'll just have to take another nap when I get home tomorrow.
  11. Do a workout video, that shoud knock you out.
  12. Off to lay in bed on my laptop and surf...or maybe I will just surf with my SK2.
  13. how about reading a book?
  14. or chamommile tea?
  15. unfortunately i work nights, so i am up all night.