Why Can't I Revise My Listing ??????

  1. So... I have a Balenciaga bag listed and stupid me, I forgot to change the block bidders from other countries option, and I keep going in to revise it and it won't let me :cursing:

    is it because I already had offers? no bids tho ....
  2. No...I don't understand either...do you have less than 12 hours on the auction?
  3. nope. it has til Sunday :shrugs:

    I hate eBay sometimes ...
  4. AGGGHHHH!!! now I cannot even SEE my listing when I search !!!!!!!

  5. if someone has bid or there are less than 12 hrs left, you cannot revise a listing
  6. I hate to be the one to ask but if you can't find it now, do you think it might have been pulled?
  7. It has 3 days to go and it is still on myebay page ????
  8. what does it say when you try and relist? oops, revise sorry
  9. wouldn't I get notified if it was pulled? and would I still be able to see it on myebay page??
  10. Yeah, you'd get an email saying that it's been pulled and it wouldn't be on your "selling" page, but maybe in not sold page
  11. b/c eBay is stupid.

  12. :roflmfao: :p :roflmfao:

    Thanks for making me laugh! ITA!
    now my listing is showing again :shrugs:
  13. I hate it when that happens sometimes i want to sell and it has no bids and i want to revise my item and it won't let me.;-; Ebay can be evil sometimes.
  14. with the listing restrictions it also stops you revising an item which is absolutely ridiculous. I tried to add a photo it says Listing Denied - bla bla bla but it is already listed - how stupid is that???