Why can't I PM this member?

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  1. Hi mods,

    This isn't urgent *at all* so I thought I'd leave a note here rather than bother anybody via PM...

    But I can never PM our PF member, Cat. Every time I click on her username, the option to send her a PM simply does not show up.

    Just wondering why because I'd like to be able to get a message to her now and again without having to ask her in a public thread to PM me first!

  2. In the control panel there is an option for only receiving PMs from mods and admins, so maybe she uses that setting.
  3. she probably opts out.
    You could leave her a profile visitor message and let her know you're trying to reach her privately.
  4. ^^^^
    Okay, thanks ladies.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.