Why Can't I lower my BIN?

  1. I have a purse listed in auction style with a reserve and buy it now. There are bids but the reserve hasn't been met. I would like to lower my BIN to sell it quicker, but eBay won't let me. They will only let me lower my reserve, which I don't want to do. Am I doing something wrong? Why shouldn't I be able to offer a lower BIN when reserve hasn't been met. I'd really like to sell it for less if I could sell it quicker- everyone wins and nobody is put at a disadvantage. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. does it have less than 12 hours left?
  3. I think if it has any bids, you can't lower your BIN...maybe add to your auciton saying that you want to lower it and have people contact you for the new price?
  4. I think so too.
  5. I think the BIN price cannot be lower than the reserve price.
  6. The auction has several dys left and I wasn't trying to lower the BIN below reserve. It wouldn't even let my type in a number to change it to. So I guess it is simply because there are bids below the reserve....that seems silly to me!

    Would it be against eBay policy to edit the listing to say I'd accept a certain amount for it. If not, should I let people contact me about it and end it early for them or what? I don't want to spoil the auction for the bidders and want everyone to have a fair shot, but I want that shot to be with a lower price!!!

    Thanks so much for your help.

    -by the way, is anyone having problems w/ paypal this morning. I went to pay for something and just based on what I was paying for it said it couldn't complete the transaction. I hadn't even selected the payment method. Thanks!
  7. If there are bids, you can't make any changes except lowering your reserve.

  8. Yeah, should be able to lower your reserve price but I dont think you can do the same with the BIN price. This is from eBay.

    You may lower the reserve price on an item in any category as many times as you like, as long as the reserve price has not been met and there are at least 12 hours left on the listing. When a reserve price has been lowered, all bidders are automatically notified by email.
  9. You cannot lower the bin below your reserve. Maybe you can lower the reserve first, then lower the bin!