why can't i love rose shocking bearn???

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  1. i'm looking for a bearn wallet to go with my black box kelly. since i love pink, i had my SA take out the rose shocking bearn on three separate visits! each time i see it IRL, it disappoints. i love the pictures of rose shocking on this forum but when i see it IRL, the color reminds me of pink neon highlighter.

    is it the lighting in the store that is throwing me off? i really want to make this bearn work. also, the hardware is PH whereas my black box kelly is GH. is that weird? should the hardware on wallet/bag match? also, do you think it'll look good with a blue jean bag in the future? any other color suggestions?

    very confused why i'm not loving the rose shocking bearn. doesn't make sense to me.
  2. Try fuschia maybe.

    I haven't seen rose shocking color IRL but the name itself sounds like it would not be something I'd be able to get used to. I could be wrong though.
  3. I love pink and have a rose shocking wallet (azap combined) that I love too. Since you love pink what about purchasing something small in rose shocking to see if you like it (a key chain, mini photo frame, etc)??
  4. If you haven't loved it IRL by now, I don't think you will.
    Maybe the Bearn is just too big in RS for you? As PP said, a smaller accessory might fit your tastes better but I wouldn't force it.

    There are just waaaaayyyy too many gorgeous Hermes colors out there to choose from that you NEVER have to settle!
  5. could it be because the bearn wallet has more of a classic sophiscated look, that it's hard for you to "feel" the color on this particular shape?
  6. Ooooh, very good point! (This coming from a woman with a turquoise Bearn!)
  7. If you don't love it...find something you will. I have the rose shocking bearn w/gusset. I love it. (In every bag but my red) but hey, as my Dad used to say...that's what makes horse races.
  8. I agree. I have a rose shocking Karo and I love it but if your not feeling the color try something else. Has anyone seen a Bearn in Rose Dragee, that is a lovely soft pink color.

    I think a Rouge H Box Bearn with gold h/w would look beautiful with your BBK. That would be a very elegant set.

  9. I totally agree thats why i didnt buy a kelly in the Rose Shocking recently when i had the chance.
  10. FYI--the fuschia (which i dont care for too much either) looks absolutely stunning in croc and lizard.........the texture softens the color. why not a bearn in one of those exotics???
  11. Also, I don't think your small leathergoods have to match your bag. I have such a hodgepodge of color in my bag it is ridiculous: vert anis, sapphire blue, orange, natural barenia, blue jean, rose shocking
  12. I totally agree with this. Right now, I am sporting accessories in natural barenia, turquoise, rose shocking, vert amande, and Rouge VIF! I love it - I know where everything is!
  13. fuschia croc would be TDF! i hope to see a fuschia chevre bearn IRL someday. i guess forcing something that isn't working isn't a good idea. if there's any hesitation, then i should pass.
  14. it's OK, kim - you don't HAVE to love it! next time you go, have them pull out every color bearn they have until you see the one that makes you feel like this ---> :nuts:
  15. ^^^ you DO have to love it!!! Just LOVE it :lecture: