why can't i just get a new bag? when I'm paying for a new bag...

  1. OK..i really need to vent b/c this is so annoying...

    I wanted to get a new tote bag so I saw the perfect one at the Gucci boutique in Nordie....

    the SA was nice enough to let me know he has the bronze leather tote in the back but forgot one minor detail...it was a used return!!!!! I took it b/c I really like that bronze look & didn't think otherwise ... till i got home...and saw there was a lipstick smudge on it. It annoyed me like anything! I mean why would you offer someone's return?! and knowing it was used? that's just soooooooo wrong. I don't care if it was the only one and ur trying to make ur sell.... but u don't just offer a used bag hoping I don't catch on....its not like I'm buying off your bargin bin for 50% off or something

    so I called to let him know, he was nice enough to say to bring it back for the return...but it was just annoying that I have to take the time to drive back to return ...but I did ....so while I was there I decided to exchange it for the princy zip tote instead....so he had to do a chargesend from another store.....thinking, this time I'll get a new bag...and wouldn't u know it?!?! its another used bag! from someone's return (well that would be the only explaination for the wear)...the tag was all wrong saying its a 'white/beige' when the bag obviously is a brown/beige and the leather portion is all scuffed up along the corner edges! IM SO ANNOYED! b/c now I got to take it back again! & I have a felling this SA is now going to think that i'm trying to pull a fast one b/c 1. the tag don't match the purse and 2. the bag looks used, since it was a chargesend he wouldn't know the history behind the purse to know otherwise. UGH!!

    i usually purchase gucci from their boutique store w/no Nordstroms ties & NEVER had a problem ...now I have no choice b/c this stupid area only have gucci in their nordie...and no NM or Saks around....

    I'm just so annoyed that i just need to vent...
    I just hate that I can't even enjoy my shopping, I got to keep going back for returns and hoping the stupid SA won't sell me a used purse....UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:crybaby:
    & why do people buy these purses, use it and return it?!?! IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT THEN DON'T BUY IT! using it once or twice won't make you special!!!! & if u used it to 'test' out the bag...do it at home, don't freakin take it all around town and mess it up....don't they realize that once its returned its going back out to the general public?

    so a note to gucci buyers, don't buy from nordie --- with their liberal return policy, I think alot of people abuses it and wouldn't be surprised if 90% of their stock are returns.

  2. Sorry this happened to you.....hope it all works out.

  3. OMG!!!! I am so sorry. That just sucks that people do that.
  4. OMG, that sucks! Hope you are feeling better now.Hugs*
  5. I would return it, get my money back and order from Gucci.com. Sorry to hear that.
  6. Sorry this happened to you... however i don't think that people it all about buying and not being able to afford it some people are jsut careless and thats that.... Hope you have better luck!
  7. Sigh why am I not surprised. I worked at a major departmental store with a very liberal return policy as well. (if someone had a receipt for an item, and they wanted a refund, you have to return it, even if the receipt was issued over a year ago).

    You'd be surprised how often people buy items, use them then return them. Esp with dresses... This is why I don't shop at major departmental stores. Nothing against them, most of the stuff is new. I tend to shop at boutiques (bags and clothes) mostly because of 3 things. Better service (most of the time), better range and selection and the items will brand new cos they have no return policy.
  8. Sorry to here that.
  9. That stinks. I just posted yesterday in the Coach forum that someone who buys things just to find they don't use them should by from Nordstrom's bc of their return policy! All the bags I returned to Nordy's had not been used - even if I took the tags off which I try not to do on a new bag til I'm walking out the door with it! I just wouldn't have the nerve to try and return something that I had used and messed up! I think the sales ppl must also be responsible for checking merchandise for "resale" - he should have told you it was a return and checked the condition?! I would be so mad, too, sorry to hear that - hope it works out...
  10. :S that's a bad string of luck, i would be disappointed too, to say the least. good luck with everything.
  11. :tdown:
    Yes...NO REFUND POLICY = GOOD~!:tup:

    NO TO :tdown:


    Gucci = "no exchange will be provided for used or altered goods, or damage arising from misuse or normal wear and tear."

    :tdown:WHO KNOWS!? using the Gucci in the 10 days...

    We understand you!!!~:smile:
  12. omg! I would complain big time and get my money back! you're not buying a bag from h&m but an expensive quality piece!
  13. i would speak to the manager of that store..that is ridiculous for it to happen not once BUT TWICE??!!!EEEEEEEK!
  14. You know these things happen at departmental stores. I always ask to see atleast 4 pieces and inspect it before I leave the store. The SA might think Iam a pain but I dont care. Iam paying big bucks and I hate hazzle of return so I make sure I walk out with a perfect piece. I would not advocate against return policy because we do change our minds or realise its not perfect. Also SA must make sure to inspect before they accept returns before they shelve it back.
  15. Wow, I don't normally check my bags at the store... I just assumed the SAs wouldn't do such a thing when you're spending the regular $1000 on the bag!!