Why can't I grow my hair out?????

  1. I have always had short hair since college, a Sharon Stone short haircut, usually dyed blonde or light brown and frosted and I have always loved it.
    Well I keep thinking I will let it grow out to a chin length blunt cut (right I can dream). About 3 months ago I had it cut and a horrible color experience so I just used a color that washes out in 30 days in golden brown and it looks OK, but I need to use a permanent color. So I thought I could let my hair grow and in three months it really didn't grow that much, I have longer layers now but it is still considered short, I am ready to chop it all off. The layers are too long to spike up so I have to wear my hair more flat to my head which gives me no volume, I also have fine hair so it hangs. I keep saying I will let it grow but I just can't do it. Is is me???? Does any else have this problem, I just feel it hangs and looks horrible. I can blowdry it and it looks OK, but I just don't feel chic in any way and feel maybe short hair is just my style.
    Need to vent, I am ready to get it cut next week but think maybe I can hold out till the holidays and see how it looks then.:confused1:
  2. Have you tried Phyto vitamins? They make your hair grow really fast! I would hold out just until the holidays...
  3. My hair grows REALLY REALLY slow, and it always gets to that point to where it looks bad so I cut it again. I have tried to grow it out. When I was pregnant, the vitamins I took made my hair grow so fast, I had to cut it several times. Maybe you can take some pre-natals (pick them up at any drug store) and they'll help your hair, nails, and skin.
  4. i'm constantly growing/cutting/dying/perming my hair so i know exactly what you're talking about. it seems to take FOREVER for it to reach your shoulders!! what you can do in the mean time is: use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. use some styling cream/wax and straight iron it so it flips up at the ends. when i did that, it gave me normally flat straight hair a rocker chick look that worked for me. my stylist at toni & guy taught me and that look lasted until it grew past my shoulders.

  5. I'm the total opposite, I can't keep up with my hair time and money wise with highlights and straightening anymore! So I have thick black unruly curls, to my ears and then have straight highlighted hair LOL. Have you talked about this to your doctor? She should be able to perscribe something for you.
  6. The problem is my hair gets to that inbetween stage, you need to stick it out but I always can't and end up getting it cut short. I do love short hair on me but I keep thinking I should try something different.
    I take vitamins and feel it is not health related just impatience on my part.
  7. gillianna do you cut your hair with the same person?
  8. The in between stages are so frustrating! Keep getting frequent, minimal trims to keep your ends healthy and perhaps your stylist can suggest other ways to do your hair while it's growing out. Don't give up! Once you cut it short again you have to start all over.