Why can't I get a straight story on cleaning my Mandy

  1. I have called JAX, my local boutique and the Legacy Boutique in NYC about cleaning my new Mandy bag and I got three different stories. Needless to say I don't have the care card. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. What did each say ? I am curious. I am sorry i don't have any advice for you. What color is your Mandy ?
  3. She's white. I found her at the outlet last week. I am assuming she was a return, so that's why there wasn't a care card. JAX said a damp cloth, my local store said nothing but a dry cloth and the Legacy boutique said sure use the Coach cleaner and moisturizer.
  4. I was told not to use anything on the Legacy Vintage Leathers except your fingers. But I guess if there's a stain, it may be safe to use a lightly damp or dry cloth on it. I'm surprised that you weren't able to get a straight answer to this - how frustrating!
  5. I was told the moisturizer has a cleaning agent in it. Someone on here posted getting a white ali and using stuff on it like the magic eraser and maybe apple cares stuff and said it came out great
  6. I never thought about the magic eraser. I do have a bottle of the apple stuff as well, I'll try it too. Thanks!
  7. I think you probably shouldn't press too hard though because you could take the color off. your welcome !
  8. The funny thing is, she's not dirty yet, I'm just spazing in case I get her dirty!
  9. Oh ! lol, I would do the same thing !
  10. The care card that comes with the Legacy vintage leather bags, such as the Mandy, says to only use a damp cloth; no Coach cleaner or moisturizer. I know that many people have used both and many also use Apple leather products. So, it's really up to you. I know there are quite a few members who condition their white Legacy bags with Apple conditioner.
  11. I think I'll use the apple conditioner. I've treated my LV bags with it with no worries, but I'll do a test spot first. I'm just a bit looney with my bags, especially my name sake! LOL!
  12. If you do a test spot, remember to test it at a less noticeable area just in case.. but I think it should be OK:p