Why Can't I Get A B-bag????????

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  1. Okay, I know that some of you may feel that I am being a little bit juvenile, but everytime a B-BAG comes up for sell on the forum, I immediately pm the seller right after they've listed the thread and I always get a message that the bag has been sold, is it just me or does no one want to sell me their Balenciaga? :unsure: :worried: :sad2: :cry:
  2. :oh:
  3. well it all depends on what color and size...
  4. I want a city medium, this will be my first so pardon me if I am incorrect.
  5. Aaaah ... as much as I hated it when someone said it to me (as I have a tendency towards the impulsive), the old adage of "good packages come to those who wait ..." always seems to apply. Don't worry, you'll find that bag ... and then you'll be HOOKED!!
  6. Oh-oh are you talking about the ink city? .....:shame: cos I'm the one who bought it...I hope you find one soon!
  7. Lady
  8. You too ceejay, you still have not sent me that info so that I can get that fendi!:weird:
  9. lady?
  10. AmourN20 is selling a Lilac 06 city if you want.
  11. Thanks, I just pmd her!
  12. hehe i was just about to tell you there was another member with an anis city... but then I remembered it was yours!
  13. ^^ I think the Anis belongs to sweetsparkle.
  14. aww i'm sorry. i hope you are able to get one!!
  15. No worries- you'll get one soon! Just keep trying and we'll all keep our eyes out for you!