Why can't I find my listing??

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  1. Can anyone help me on this I listed a bag last night it's showing on myebay it's had views but when I type the bag name into the search box it's not showing in the list that comes up

    Unless I'm being a complete idoit I can't see any spelling mistakes I've already checked that, anyone know why it's not showing??
  2. It seems like it now takes 12-24 hours for some listings to show up. If you haven't passed that mark, I would just wait it out a bit longer.
  3. Yes, sometimes it takes several hours (up to 24, as I was told by eBay) to see your listing. Are you seeing it when you go to "My eBay"?
  4. Yes it's in myebay if I click it takes me to the listing would this happen if it wasn't up yet, plus I set it for 7 days and the countdown has begun would that happen if it isn't up yet? usually my auctions are up pretty fast
  5. Ok I just did a search by seller and it's not showing in that list of items so I guess it's not up yet my day count is already down to 6 days 4 hours that totally sucks that they take time off you before the item goes "live" so to speak
  6. ^^Yep- that's happened to me on most of my designer listings. Personally I think it's a rip of them to "start the clock" before it's visible to buyers.
  7. I posted something yesterday morning it did not show up until like 10pm my time , it takes a while.
  8. thanks guys it's up I'm super :cursing: about losing a day on the listing yet another reason to dislike eBay yet the other items I listed one day earlier (altough at the roughly the same time) were up in minutes
  9. It's one of those things we now have to get used to :sad: Now if you want your auction to run for 7 days you probably need to sign up for 10 - haha. The last time I listed a few items it took 24 hours for them to show up in the search and the waiting drove me nuts. Good luck with yours!
  10. ^^^That's what I started doing (10 day listing) and this is the reason. They hold ANYTHING with a designer name for 12-24 hours while the listing goes into the mysterious eBay Black Hole (they call it "reindexing"). I have no idea who or what is looking at these listings. Certainly no one that's an expert in spotting fake bags or there wouldn't be so much crap on eBay.....
  11. right now, even if it isn't designer, there's some sort of technical difficulties they're having in regards to this...
  12. When I listed my 7FAM at .99c it didnt show up even after 4 days which I chose 5 days listing. In fear of selling my authentic 7FAM at .99c I canceled the listing (which I was able to!!! :cursing:)

    Then when I tried to list my Chloe Paddy it took 2 days to show up!!

    I should be grateful I thought at least it showed up..but ebay is seriously sickening me!
  13. Hello this is doc999ride a seller on ebay, Do not worry..ebay may take up to 1.5days to show your listing because of it being of a certain brand,ie Hermes,Tiffany & Co. etc... Good luck on your auction!