Why Can't I Decide on a Simple Messenger Bag!

  1. I need to find a bag, if its not a canvas or leather then I would like to spend less then 100, if it is, maybe up to 300? gotta fit a couple of binders. I'm not too fond of Lesportsac's pickings this season. Oy I'm soo annoyed at myself, why can't I just pick!

    LOL just had a total cosby moment:rolleyes:
  2. Kate Spade? But a word of caution is don't carry their messenger bag when wearing sweaters. I ruined two of mine before finding this out. :sad:
  3. because now everyone and there mother is carrying messengers
  4. I bought my Timbuk2 bag years ago for school, and still use it. Lots of colors to choose from, waterproof, not too spendy.

    Timbuk2 Bags - Messenger
  5. I have a great Chanel one (about 15" x 10") but unfortunately it's just a little too short and a little too thin for school. (geez I wish I was a little too thin! lol)
  6. Hi aarti, I think it’s difficult to decide because there are so many cool bags out there! :smile: What are the dimensions of the messenger you are looking for?

    You may need to customize your bag. Some etsy sellers will do this. Have you registered on etsy? I've had conversations with several etsy sellers and they have been lovely. Ended up (so far) ordering about 15 items :smile:

    Flickaalice messenger

    You may wish to take a look at the fabrics.


    BabyBugBoutique create your own customer messenger
    (I bought a pretty little credit card wallet from her, it’s well-made)
    Fabrics found here:

    jesswitaq blue diamond


    thecandythief retro blue stars

    Lindsay green messenger

    CynContemporary felt messenger
    babybugboutique brown tapestry flower messenger.jpg jesswitaq blue diamond messenger.jpg quiltbaby corduroy leaf print messenger bag.jpg Lindsay green messenger bag.jpg CynContemporary Felt messenger bag.jpg
  7. Ugh i know i finaly found one that worked for me. and the damn thing is now falling apart (200 dollars later and nordi not having the navy any more)
  8. Thanks all for the suggestions!

    Ah Passerby to the rescue! I love that first and fourth one! Customizing my own bag sounds great, but I wouldn't know where to start! Is it easy?
  9. Passerby theres sooo many fabric choices! How to choose just one?!
  10. Now that I think about it the fabrics shown dont really work for me though.. OY here i go again!
  11. Closet thing I like though is the first messenger. Love the strap too.
  12. Hey, Aarti.

    Once again I'm going to promote Filson's field bags: rucksack, tote, tote-with-zipper, field bag, etc. These things are in-de-structable! And, for the second time, this month's Lucky Magazine has featured Filson as a have-able, so I no longer am shy about admitting I have piles of the stuff, from the field bags on up to the luggage. You can run a truck over this stuff, and it still holds its character, looks and functionality. :supacool:

    Filsons field gear ... (scroll down)...
  13. Aarti, if you decide to go the custom-made way, you can decide on choice of fabric and work with the designer. What you need to do is hold "conversations" on etsy - it's really easy. Angela Liu of SanFranciscoCrafts is an Etsy seller with great feedback on her bags, and here is a gallery of her bags:

    Flickr: Photos from Angela Liu Designs

    SanFranciscoCrafts's Etsy Shop - angela liu designs ~ bags and accessories

    I think one or two other indie designers buy her messenger bags, what does that tell you? :smile:

    Meanwhile, I'll keep on looking ... ;)