Why can't I decide? Help me please.

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Which wristlet should I get????

  1. Large Poppy Wristlet

  2. Brooke capacity Wristlet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I *want* a new wristlet, but have no specific purpose for one. I just have seen these on sale and now I want them, but I can only have ONE! So please help me decide. I do realize they are very different And sice I have no intended purpose I guess it really does not matter to much on size, etc.
    So which one and why?
    Large Poppy wristlet
    or Brooke wristlet
  2. I vote for the Brooke as I am not really a fan of the poppy.
  3. I got both and vote for the Brooke. It's very classy and really holds alot!
  4. Wow this is a tough one, could you pick any more opposite wristlets? I love both of them! This isn't going to help but they are both at the outlets right now and I read in coach shopping that they might be handing out 20% coupons starting tomorrow so my vote is both.
  5. I love the brooke. I like the chain on the front.
  6. brooke
  7. I love the Brooke wristlet! It has a lot of room and the hardware is very cute!
  8. I vote Brooke as long as its in the leather, if not then the poppy.
  9. I would go with the brooke.
  10. Brooke! I saw a Brooke capacity wristlet in eggplant at the outlet a few weeks ago but passed on it because I wasn't sure I needed another wristlet. Now I'm kicking myself for not having bought it!
  11. brooke!!! it's my favorite wristlet right now, it holds everything!