WHy cant I behave? I could not let pass this one

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  1. Yes, I am in a ban and here I am posting of my new bag. I went to Macys to get my mom earrings and I passed by Macys. I was there couple days ago and nothing I like was on sale. So, today same thing but this time the SA told me, we also have these ones on sale if you are interested. When I look to where she was pointing, I saw the purple Audrey I like, so there is a big 30% off sign on top of it. Now she is here with me :yahoo:
    I got it for $250.74 plus tax. I got extra 10% off for using Macys card. Now, I hope I dont get crazy or a good sale because I am officially on a ban.!!!

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  2. GORGEOUS! I love anything purple and it's an audrey. You made the right decision

    P.S. Being good isn't fun at all! ;)
  3. with tax 250?? thats awesome!

    looks beautiful :biggrin:
  4. Such a lovely purple!

    Quick Q on Macy's cards -- If you apply in store and get approved can you use it same day? I know with like.. Best Buy you can, you just need to supply your license, but I'm not sure if anywhere else does that.

    And was it a special to get an additional 10% with your Macy's card, or is it always like that?

    I may have to get me a Macy's card!
  5. love that audrey!
  6. Gorgeous Bag and what a score on the price!
  7. Beautiful! I LOVE the color! Great deal!

  8. yup!

    and the additional 10% off is just that day, i think when i opened it it was for the weekend.

    i opened it once just to get a discount..and never used it again tbh :P
  9. thanks you all! The color is amazing!
  10. Great deal on a beautiful bag!
  11. Thanks! I may have to do that if I see something on sale that I like. Hmm...
  12. What a rich color! Reminds me of plums. It's soooo pretty.... congrats!
  13. GEORGOUS!! Enjoy her!! :smile:
  14. She is very pretty!!!!
    I love Purple!!! Congrats on getting her on sale!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  15. Awesome bag, totally worth breaking a ban!