Why can't I be happy with the bags I have?

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  1. I have lost my mind! I just realized I have bought 12 bags since May 28! Now in my defense I sold off my HUGE Vera Bradley collection and paid for a large portion of those bags. But still!
    The problem is I still want more and more. Why can't I be happy with the bags I have?
    How do you ladies keep the love alive for the bags you have and what do you do to make yourself appreciate the bags you have in order to keep youself from purchasing more?
    I have really got to get a grip and I am desperate to stop this obession at the same time as I am desperatly obessing....kwim?
  2. Honestly, you get over the bag buying and start to slow down and appreciate the bags you have. I put a lot of thought into what I buy now because for me personally, it's ridiculous to buy and buy and not use. I have to love love love the bag I'm buying and I try to make sure my bags are not similar (e.g., owning multiples I really don't need). It's an expensive hobby to have and and when you begin to practice self control is when you really start to appreciate the value of each individual bag.
  3. I'm the same way. I always see something else I want. Right now, I'm trying to decide if I need another Zoe, as if the 5 I have are not enough. I also have this problem where I will buy a bag but may not use it for months. Two bags that I purchased this past December, still have the tags on them. I have another bag that I purchased last August thast still has the tag on it. I know I have to much but that never seems to stop me from buying. I really need a time-out!:shame:
  4. Oh Boy! I've been over that SOOOO many times... Honestly, I don't know the solution to this problem. All I know is that I somehow mastered it, and I stopped buying like crazy and sold off most unwanted stuff. Now I'm just trying to NOT do any more impulse purchases (hmmm... dosen't always work thou) and think several days or weeks before buying something. Also I put my purses in question (or the newly purchased) next to my bed on a shelf for a months or so, without cutting tags, and just looking. This way I found out that I bought bags i actually didn't really liked- and exchanged them for something I did really like... Somehow this purchasing crazyness has stopped for me (thank god) but I'm not exactly sure why, all i know is- I'm happy its gone. I still have purses I absolutely love and want, but I don't go out buying them the next day after a "craving", and it works this way ;)
  5. Thank you for posting this.

    It has made me take inventory and realize that I am purchasing multiples of the same bag. Coach has the highest quality and the styles are always classic and fresh. I need to make some decisions about which bags I use and which ones I just display. I want to enjoy my bags I have and not be overwhelmed with collecting them. Most of all, I need to diversify my styles for different needs. For example, shoulder, satchel, hobo, flap, tote, crossbody, small and business.
  6. LOL I know how you feel. I just brought 6 bags in a month!! OMG I need to stop!
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    I know how you feel. I went through that and now it went away but I hope the desire to buy, buy does not return! My strategy is to not look. Of course I do look at the bags tPFers buy here on this site but I do not go into Coach outlets anymore and I don't waste time like I used to searching Coach on ebay. That has helped me considerably! I do love the bags that I own, I have no desire to sell them off.
    I keep the love alive for my bags by rotating them, not letting myself get tired of any single one. I match them to my outfits or moods. I tie a scarf or add charms. I have fun with them! They do not bore me. If one ever would get boring or tiresome I would sell it and not use the money to buy another bag, just enjoy the remaining ones.
  8. I didn't have anything Coach until April of this year and by now I call 17 bags/purses and 4 key fobs my own. I heard that Coach was a good brand (had never seen anything Coach here in Austria) and looked around on eBay. I found a soho flap purse that I really loved. Then I stumbled across TPF and got familiar with all the different styles. I saw many bags that I just had to have. But I put very much thought into each bag before I buy it and don't do impulse purchases. I have a few bags of the same style but in different colors. I'd never buy bags if I couldn't afford them or if someone said they are up-to-date. And before I get a new bag I always consider if it matches my style so that I will use it. I don't buy bags only because I find them cute or stylish and then not use them. I really love the experience of shopping but I never buy stuff that I can't afford or that I know it won't get used.
  9. It's the damm coupons!
  10. ^Damn right, those coupons are to blame!^ :yes: Not me, of course, I'm totally blameless. ;) I'm heading to the outlet again this morning with my poor BF in tow. (Poor BF: :crybaby:)
  11. Oh, greyhoundgal I know exacty what you mean. I've been thinking about this very thing for a while now. I keep finding bags I think I'll die without, buy them and then regret it. Then I tell myself, "No more!" but that never lasts. Anyway, I've got to do something and I've got a few ideas that I'm going to try, maybe they'll help you too.

    1. When you go shopping, try to stay away from Coach, but if you're going to an outlet mall, say for a different store or something, take someone who will keep you out, or at the very least really challenge you while in the store.

    2. If you buy a lot on ebay, watch several auctions for the same bag without bidding. This probably sounds crazy b/c of temptation, but I've found this really helpful in sorting out what is impulsive versus what I truly like and want. Usually I find that the desire for that bag goes away. Now that doesn't work so well if it's a rare bag---I convince myself it's the last one on earth and if I don't get it now I'll regret it. I recently did this with a Bleecker duffle, and I had it built up so much in my mind that I was disappointed that I didn't lose 20 pounds, get a new job, and my prince charming didn't ride up on his white horse. Okay, maybe that's a little silly but I seriously sometimes think, if I can just get this bag, every other part of my life that sucks will be better because I'll have this bag. I mean how crazy is that? So when I do find myself disappointed because my pupils don't turn into hearts and I don't feel all tingly, I sell.

    3. Think about taking a break from tPF. While I LOVE this site, it only fuels me. Before I joined I had a few bags and was happy with them. Now it's like...bags have almost become disposable to me. I mean I love what I buy at the time, but lately I've been thinking a lot about how I felt after I got my first Coach bag. It was a Hampton's watercolor tote, and I swear...the way I felt standing at that register, you'd have thought I was signing for a new house or a new car. I loved that $170 tote so much I spent hours just admiring, and left the store feeling proud and excited not ashamed like I do now sometimes.

    My plan is to use the credit I have to get a couple of Zoes this weekend and then stop buying for a while. If I find myself wanting more after that, I'm going to take a hiatus from tPF for a while and see how that works out. Also, I'm going to FL in September which means both awesome outlet malls in Orlando. My plan for that is to take my mom shopping with me. She really, really doesn't get my Coach obsession and she does a really good job of talking me out of stuff. When she does approve, which is rare, I know it's a wise purchase. She doesn't approve or disapprove based on the bag alone, but she knows if I've talked about something for months, or if I find a nice accessory she gives me the okay.

    I'm rambling, sorry. I'll stop there. I do hope you figure out something that works for you.
  12. Why so many bags? Well, bags never make your feet hurt like shoes do. They never make you look fat like jeans do. You never have to go up a size like in designer dresses. A new bag can make the same old go-to outfit look new again. And just when you think you have "the one" you decide that you need it in every color. Or you discover tPF and completely go crazy.
    In other words, I'm with you, sister!
  13. i go through phases of liking everything coach makes and wanting tons of stuff to months of not liking anything. i also think it is important to sell off things that arent for u. i sold a zoe wallet (i know i know just wasnt for me) and a soho flap and earned enough for a new wallet.
  14. When you're new to Coach or tPF it's really easy to get caught up with everyone's purchases! I'm happy with only buying a bag every few months or tell myself I must sell off one in order to get a new one. That way my buying doesn't get out of control or my finances don't suffer.

    I'm trying to (unsuccessfully haha) save up for a new laptop and therefore must curtail my bag buying.
  15. I posted this on another thread but thought it would be good here too.

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