Why can't I be happy with less $$ purses?????

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  1. Why oh why do I love purses so much and have to have more and more expensive ones??? Honestly, why am I inflicted with this??? I didn't grow up seeing my mom with nice purses so where did this come from? How many of you are like me and just acquired this out of thin air? It seems to have progressed over time, also, in that it used to be less expensive and I've moved up and now I'm in love with more expensive bags than ever....I know I'm not alone or we wouldn't have this wonderful forum here....but why???!!!:love: I have gone overboard this year already and must stop.....must be good now...thanks for letting me vent!! (it could be the wine talking tonight :lol: )
  2. All I can say, is that I understand and that I relate to everything you said.

    In some ways it is like cars: once you own a Lexxus are you really going to go and buy a Civic? (mind you that I own a Honda, and have never owned a Lexxus - thank God.) :P
  3. I'm a crazy purse girl too, as most of the people on this board are - and I think that handbags are just so IT right now.

    We used to be obsessed with shoes (Manolos, anyone), thanks to Sex and the City... but now tastes seem to have shifted to bags.

    Also - designer clothes are harder to pull off, harder to find, and harder to fit... but with a handbag, you can still tap into the look of a fashion house but be able to wear it for seasons to come (unlike clothes, which don't last as long and don't always cross over from season to season). We always want the prettiest ones, and inevitably, the prettiest ones are also the most expensive.

    I definitely get a little emotional with mine - they're like a security blanket. Before, it was teddy bears - now, it's purses!
  4. :biggrin: Perfect analogy! :biggrin: Couldn't agree more with that one.
  5. Because good bags are like air......vital for survival :smile:

  6. :lol: :lol: . I wonder why can't I be happy with even my designer purses, I'm just never satisfied lately, I still keep wanting just one more bag, sigh I neeed to spend some time in the Sudan or something :idea:
  7. Tell me about it. Most expensive bag I ever bought before arriving at this forum was $300. Now I have an $885 LV. You people are bad, bad, bad.

    I have to agree about the designer clothes. No designers out there making clothes in my size. Sheesh, I was chubby BEFORE everybody jumped on the bandwagon. Now it's a national epidemic, and I still can't buy designer clothes! But that gives me more money for bags.... and shoes.... shoes always seem to fit well.... I have yet to spend more than $200 for a pair of shoes. No more peer pressure! :P
  8. I treat my handbag obsession like a hobby .... a collection .... the nice thing about this collection is that it doesn't just sit on a shelf collecting dust .... it can be used too! I'm sure you'll agree that we could be spending our time and money on a lot worse things.
  9. I never even used to like carrying handbags, prefered to stuff bare necessities in my pockets. Then all of a sudden I became a purse snob when i bought my first Chanel one year ago. I guess I woke up one morning and decided it was time for a luxury bag so basically I went from a tricycle to a Lexus and totally skipped over the Honda! Now it's only Chanel, Louis and Hermes for me (one day a birkin will be mine :love: )! I even bought a LV Mini Noe - so darn cute - for one purpose only: to go to the movies. how dumb is that? only PF girls would understand that silliness!
  10. I totally understand your "movie" bag. I totally label some of my bags. Perfect for shopping bag. Going on a field trip bag. Running into *****es I hate bag (Chanel). LOL
  11. Ha ha ha...perfect statement!! How true....I just want to be "settled" at some point and hope I am now....but know I'm probably not!:shame:
  12. This forum has definitely pushed my threshold to buying more expensive purses! My standards have gotten a lot higher now and it has become such an addiction! Now I want my first LV that I never appeciated until now
  13. I can't help you that's for sure... but if you ever figure it out let me know !

    I do know that this obsession started when I was in high school and only got worse (and continues to get worse is what I should say!) First it was bags and now it is shoes. I never thought I would pay $500 for shoes but I have very recently....:sad2:
  14. I think its about quality. Like many have said, Once you own a bmw,lexus you cant go back to the honda,ford or whatever.

    You pay for what you get and when you're happy with that price and quality its hard to change.

    I used to have a ton of handbags( i've always had a thing for handbags) but anyway... after buying my first LV forever it, I cant go back. I have a 300$ roots bag that i use on occassion. Its a nice bag but even its hard for me to use.

    All the cheapo's are gone and I cant ever look at a bag that isnt leather and of good quality.

    I think this happens more so when you're buying a bag for you and not *to be like others* yknow. I think that's why its easier for you to justify spending that kind of money whether its for chanel/lv or mj/fendi.

    the name speaks for itself.
  15. I've always loved bags. I have bags that cost almost nothing and bags that cost $$$. As long as I like it, I get it.