why can't funkylala give us a ffreakin discount??

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  1. good grief!!

    i am dying to get my hands on the basketweave MA in black but good lord! its mighty pricey and funkylala won't allow any discount/promo codes...:yucky:

    ok so now i'm deliberating whether to just buy the darn thing and worry about paying my bills later OR *sighs, just get RM bag thats more affordable but I will still like???

    Cuz i'm stuck between the black w/ basketweave AND the MAM in dusty w/ silver spot on delcina.com

    whatcha think ladies??
  2. supposidly you can use the easter promo code on funkylala and get 20% off? Or something like that? (correct me if i'm wrong, ladies!)

    If you REALLY want the black MAB I'd wait to find a deal, I wouldn't settle. But then again thats just me.
  3. ITA about Funkylala giving a discount code, from what I have seen they have one of the best selections on the internet. I really want the basketweave too :girlsigh: but am thinking I will probably go for the dream clutch because it is on sale and much more in the budget range.
  4. but...err, lol...isn't the MAB in black w/ basketweave on ur wishlist madam?? :rolleyes: u sure u mean what u said in not settling fo the MAB?? lol, sooo are u telling me ur gonna wait to find a better deal when the bag is a click of a button away from being sold to u??
  5. well I'm trying to get the one off 360 for 30% off :lol:

  6. oh really?
    hmm..i just went there and i don't see that they post any pics girly??
    how did u hear about this 30% discount, purplewithenvy??
  7. I say don't settle for something you're not sure you're gonna like! These bags aren't exactly cheap. Now, how much do you want the Black basketweave? If you can wait for a better deal, then I say wait it out! But if you are quite the impulsive shopper ( like I am!) I would buy it now!
  8. lol...ditto.
    but at the same time its so freakin expensive.
    and not only that chinkee21, but i'm sure u know this too, the majority of everyone in this RM forum is eyeing for the black w/ bw. and i'm just afraid that when the last minute arrives and i decide that i want it...it will be sold out :crybaby:ya kno?? cuz theres only like 6 MA's left and 9 MAM's. *sighs....

    i don't understand why handbags have to be so pricey?? i mean sure..great quality leather but good grief...

  9. You can't order them online, only via email. so i emailed them earlier today and am waiting to hear back from them! someone posted a code somewhere online here, cant remember where.
  10. i want one too, i'm thinking the mini. funkylala just did a code 25% off last weekend. i heard they're doing more sooner (apparently we ask them a lot...lol, we should inundate them with requests).

  11. oooo really?!
    that would be great!! :yes:
    wow..thanks bagaholic72. thanks alot *huggles lol
  12. I asked them and I was denied a coupon code. I think some others managed to get them. They have been telling people different things without knowing that we all belong the same community. It's a bit ridiculous.
  13. ^^label360 is out of the basketweave bags! Since they are in competition with FLL they have been honoring codes, especially since we are ALL TPF girls that have ordered them...

    FLL only had their code for 3 days...and won't honor anything else right now.
  14. I have wondered about this too but I have come to realize that certain boutiques have certain practices and Im not going to sweat it. I remember way back when I just HAD TO HAVE a RM Purple Hobo Morning After from FLL. I refused to pay the full retail for it (it was like $625, $650) and I patiently waited for a sale. LOL, the sale never came, and I didn't get the bag.
  15. That's a pretty good mentality to have. I appreciate your input. I just don't understand the "discrimination" since if FLL has certain practices there are certainly exceptions to those practices and those exceptions are being made public here. If they valued their reputation I think they would consider a policy that was better suited for the majority of its customers.