WHY can I not find this Louboutin style?? HELP!

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  1. I already posted about this but I can't believe I STILL can't locate this style! I was BRIEFLY in the Neiman Marcus store at the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale (visiting relatives). Anyway, I was in SUCH a rush but I saw these Louboutin's that I wasn't familiar with and they were ADORABLE!

    They were silver (NOT available in gold, I asked), open toe, sling back, smaller heel (DEFINATELY not over 3 & 1/2 inches), the front part almost reminded me of a vintagey tango or deco style, they were pretty inexpensive in comparison to other heels ($595). NO platform. AND, she said they've only been in for a couple months.

    I called the SA back later that day and even though I couldn't understand her accent well I am NEARLY 100% positive the style is called "Altarita."

    What the heck?!?! Why can I NOT find these ANYWHERE?!?!?!?!
  2. Oh, and I guess the most SIMILAR thing I could compare them to would be the silver "Cleo" or the "Ernesta" but they aren't.
  3. Hi SatchelgirlJess,

    Not only do I know of the shoe you speak, I bought them.:yahoo:

    They are super-adorable and I got them in the Nieman's in DC a couple of weeks back in a 38. They are the Altarita, though I can't find a pic of them online anywhere....

    I bought them for my wedding in October and I didn't think twice about it since they were also on sale. Try calling the Nieman Marcus in Friendship Heights (DC) and see if they have any left (still on sale). Hope this helps.
  4. Hey shoesforlife,

    actually the pic you posted with those shoes was erroneously referred to as the Louboutin Altaritas...Actually, this is them...I found them on Ebay...

  5. I've definitely seen those on sale at the neiman's both here on Michigan Avenue and in Oak Brook. I bet Mich Ave doesn't have them any longer, but try calling Oak Brook. They might still have them as it is in the 'burbs.
  6. Call the boutiques in NYC.

    '(212) 396-1884 >br> (212) 255-1910
  7. have you called saks