why buyers don't leave feedback??

  1. Well, I sold several in this month. And you know how many buyers left feedback? 15%, 3/20. Some buyers never response when I message them for feedback. I did everything well, very despcriptive listing, super-fast shipping, neat packing and sometimes small gifts. Last month, at least 2 buyers from UK replied that they adored their new bags but they got charged big custom duty and didn't want to talk about it any more. Anyhow, I managed to leave positive for them, while I feel goodness not returned. Feel so bad about this type of buyers!!!:tdown:
  2. some people do it all at one time every month or so. . . be patient ;)
  3. I feel the same way about sellers that don't leave feedback. We all want to increase our positive feedback, but there isn't much you can do if the other party doesn't have the time or inclination. Besides it's better to get no feedback than get a negative or neutral because of some petty thing.:rolleyes:
  4. As far as I learn now, most sellers hold the feedback in case that some buyers might scam. Before I would like to leave feedback no matter the buyer leave me or not, now I dare not. Somehow, once buyer replied as proof of purchase, I left for every single one. And even after that, I did not get good feedback. The funnist part, some buyers replied "bag is great, service is great. Will buy again" to my message system but no feedback. I feel a bit faint...!:angel:
  5. When I send an item, I always include a note that says something like, "I hope you enjoy your purchase, I have already left positive feedback for you. If you are happy with this transaction I hope you will do the same." I've found that leaves an impression and I get more feedback that way.
  6. It is a little frustrating- I only have a feedback of 70 but I've been on since 2004 and have bought and sold WAY more than that. Some people just forget to leave feedback. As a buyer, I always leave my feedback when I receive the item- that way they know I got it and was happy. As a seller, when I send out an item, I message the buyer with the tracking number and ask them to leave feedback when they receive it so I know they got it and were satisfied. Lately all my buyers and sellers have left feedback so I'm on a roll!
  7. it happen and i try ot remind buyer and seller :tup:
  8. Well normally I leave feedback, except when there's something not up to par then I just keep quiet and not leave any feedbacks.

    I have been bitten by retaliatory feedback left by
    trading_circuit_liquidation. They are supposedly this warehouse store.
    They only leave you good feedback when you leave a good one. Their statements also say that and I believe they are no longer selling on eBay. They have slow shipping and the merchandise is always stock photo and the item I bought is far from the description (new item came battered and old and no charger). So of course I left a negative after the whole experience and they gave me a neg for no reason.

    Suffice to say, I lost faith in eBay's rating system and dont dare to leave any negtive feedback anymore. And I rarely buy/sale on eBay now after hearing countless horror stories.

    I seek consignment stores and craigslist now.

    Back to your problem, maybe some people are just too lazy to leave feedbacks =p
  9. As a buyer at the moment, I'm tempted to hold off on giving any feedback until the seller goes first. I recently had 14 auctions where I went ahead and left positive feedback, and most of them ran out (off the eBay system I mean) with the seller not even bothering to check what's what with their own feedback.

    It doesn't really matter given how many hundreds upon hundreds of auctions I've participated in on both sides, but the seller should go first IMO.
  10. Yes, 30-40% of my buyers email me that they love items but they never left me feedback :shrugs: I don't know why.
  11. I personally don't think the seller should leave feedback first. The buyer's feedback is dependant on how they like the item, shipping, communication etc. but the seller's is only on whether the person paid fast or not. IMO, a buyer should leave feedback first. Take this scenario- the seller leaves positive feedback for the buyer because they paid fast. Then the buyer gets the item, hates it or feels it was misrepresented (even if it wasn't) or even baits and switches and asks for a refund which you won't give, they can leave negative and you won't be able to retract your positive feedback.
  12. I think ppl just forget.

    Or, if they are not happy, then they'd rather leave none than negative. I had that recently w/ a laptop battery purchase. No communication from the seller, super slow shipping, never returned emails after I didn't get my battery for almost 3 weeks. Rather than start an issue, I just didn't leave feedback.
  13. I am a big seller, and only leave feedback once buyers have left me one.

    I wish buyers would do it quicker bc I get excited to see my #'s go up!
  14. I have stopped leaving feedback for sellers until they leave me feedback first, or if I have bought from them before. As far as I'm concerned, the seller should be the one to leave feedback first, as my end of the deal (paying) is done long before my item arrives.

    But YMMV, of course.
  15. As a seller, I always send buyers a message with their tracking number, my return policy, and a nice reminder about leaving feedback. Some buyers still forget to leave it, but I find about half the people respond to my message right away, saying they'll be glad to leave feedback when the item arrives, and I bet 80% of them actually do so.