Why Buy From Mypoupette?

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  1. I Have heard way too many rumors mypoupette sells fake! Then I hear they are having lv troubles, and FBI problems! So I investigate! I bought 4 Differnet LV'S FROM 4 different sellers! TEHY ALL TURNED OUT TO BE FAKE?! But do you guys think that this is just a common mistake? That they didn't know their bags were fake? I COULD REALLY USE SOME ADVICE! PLEASE HELP!
  2. Troll alert.
  3. YEP!:nuts:
  4. Excuse me? But what do you exactly mean by troll alert? all I did was ask for some opinons
  5. Just because you sell fakes on ebay! Your one of them!
  6. :supacool: whats up kids?

    hmmmm.......Fakes? I think not.
  7. I had them authenticated at An LV boutique.
  8. Unless you have visual evidence supporting your accusations, threads like these can't be tolerated.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.