Why buy an LV Scarf or Bandeau?

  1. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not casting aspersions or criticizing... just wanting more info. What is it that makes an LV scarf/bandeau so much better than the kind of scarf you might buy in the department store or at TJMaxx or Syms? Echo, Jones New York, and Oscar DeLa Renta make some beautiful, all-silk scarves with fantastic designs and gorgeous colors. What is it about an LV scarf that makes it so much more expensive? Is it just that it is an LV or is there really something more to it than that?

    Thanks so much for your answers.
  2. I've looked at other scarves and none appeal to me like LV scarves do. LV scarves/bandeaus are so cute and unique, IMO.
  3. They're cute and different. Not that I'm averse to other brands or non-brands. At Valentine's Day, instead of buying the $500 Amour scarf from LV, I got a really pretty sheer white one with hearts on it from Nordstrom's (by Echo, in fact).
    Plus, they make designs I like and they're pretty reasonably priced.
    But then again, different strokes and all..some people like them and some don't.
  4. I just bought the LVOE bandeau because I like the LVOE concept :biggrin: I like LV bandeaus better than Hermes Twillys (given the designs available in Hermes atm)...however scarf-wise, I would get Hermes or Versace, I prefer their designs. It's more "artistic" than just a monogram...
  5. for me, the reason I buy LV scarves/bandeaux is because it's LV. Yup, that's it. lol However, I do buy other scarves like from this old lady in China who was selling scarves for living. I felt bad for her... so I bought ALL her stuff that day lol. However when it comes to luxury scarves it's LV over any other brand. I don't like Hermès' scarves... I find that their designs or colours are 'inconsistent' (yaya I know about the fish and horsie themes) iono... just me.
  6. I am attracted more by the design and print than anything else.
  7. Awww Cec!!! You're so nice!!! :heart:
  8. thanks John:shame:

    I like your new avatar, it's like the masculin version of Audrey Hepburn lol
  9. I have to admit ... I'm a bit of a "scarf a hollic"!! (along with bags and shoes)
    I have lots from various sources... so glad when they are back in style!! I even have a book on different ways to wear different sizes (scary huh):p

    I'm new to LV... I just now have my first 2 bags!! I'm on the lookout for my first LV scarf ---- it's one that I saw on someone's bag in their avatar - I think. It was in the red/pink colors with a bit of taupe .. so if anyone knows........PM me!!:yes:

    PS.. Cec.. what a nice thing to do.... (just glad it wasn't me there)!!
  10. I have the black bandeau that has yet to be used. I tied it on a few bags for photos but it hasnt left the house.
    So to answer your question, I have no idea what they're good for! lol.
    To me, I cant get the hair thing to look right, and it's a lot of fluff on my bag so it gets in my way.
    I bought it cause it was black MC and I adore the colors and print.
    I won't be buying another tho I don't guess. Before I got it I wanted white and LVoe but not anymore. lol
    I'm not a scarf person obviously. No matter how hard I try.
  11. :roflmfao: Good point, Cec! :p

    I'm going to have a look at scarves from other fashion houses, but I am very impressed by LV's sewing technique of their bandeaus when I had a close look last night!
  12. I love that one. The scarf is sooo beautiful !!:p
    1586797.jpg 180614_OMNI_1092734.jpg
  13. I wear them in my hair as a headband, they are just another LV accessory. They are also good to get when your itching for something LV and you dont have a ton of money to spend at the time.
    I would like to own a Hermes twilly. To me they look better than the LV bandeaus because she have alot more designs (i've seen about 30 diffent ones not including diff colors of same styles).
  14. does anybody know the name of these scarf?
  15. I don't htink it's a scarf... to me, I think it looks more like LV's monogram SHAWL. I wear my shawl like how she does sometimes so this is where I'm getting the idea from...
    Otherwise I really don't know which scarf is that big with the mongram design...