Why buy a Coach Skull Fob?

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  1. I meant to ask this long time ago,
    I noticed a lot of people like the Coach Skull fobs, bags with skulls on it (tattoo totes) and lanyards with skulls on them...
    I always wonder why tho....

    When researching what a skull means, I came up with different interpretations online, such as "Skull symbolism is the attachment of symbolic meaning to the human skull. The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality, but such a reading varies with changing cultural contexts."

    "magical protection charm, the death-resurrection cycle, christianity?, good luck, reverse bad luck, danger sign, masonry, symbol of hate, heavy metal, fear, discrimination, new age.... etc..."

    This puzzles me, why do you buy coach items with skulls on it? What do they mean TO YOU? Is it just cute to you, or do you associate this with something else? I always thought skulls are are a bad thing, and I was surprised Coach started making things in them different things now....
    Enlighten me please?
  2. I don't have a skull fob, but I don't think you should read too much into the meaning behind it. I think some people like it b/c they look cute or they're just trendy. To each their own!
  3. Skulls and skulls with crossbones mean different things to different people. I had a gentleman stop me in a boutique to tell me that he had to have it - it is one of the mason symbols.

    Skulls in fashion trend probably stemmed from the edgy tattoo-esque styled design. Or as an offshoot of the piratey phase we went through after the Depp movie series. Alexander McQueen uses a skull as a signature in some of the designs. Tokidoki has incredibly cute ones, and so forth.

    I wouldn't read to much into it. For me, it satisfies my inner goth-child that uses it as a reminder of mortality.
  4. I agree with Bonosbabe. I look at that skull keyfob as a keyfob and nothing more. I was actually close to buying one but it doesn't go with my Mia Leather Harper Satchel.
  5. I personally think it's cute..i associate it with being cool, bada$$, tough chick, the whole nine yards..KWIM ? ;) That you can carry a purse and still feel feminine but with a little flair of punk rock..haha i digress..

    But to each their own..
  6. there is a representation of skull and crossbones within the shield of my sorority. and although i cant tell you what it means- i can let you know that it is nothing negative. it is something that represents something positive and is meaningfull to me. prior to membership within this organization (which i have been active in over 14 years) i also only thought it to represent something morbid and evil...so i understand where your concern lies

    also, when my son got interested in them (11 years) i was not as reticent to have him wear them on his clothing (tshirts) b/c i knew what it meant to me
  7. I have the pink pave` one just because I think it's cute. My husband is the lead singer in a rockabilly band and like skulls. I bought him the silver fob (previous year before it had so many studs on it) to replace his old Coach fob. No significance.
  8. If you look around, skulls are everywhere, maybe not as much now as a couple of years ago. To me, it's a trendy thing, nothing more. My 13 year old went through a phase where she wanted everything with skulls on it. Shirts, bags, earrings, cell phone cases, etc. Not the morbid skulls, but the cute colorful ones. At least to me, they are cute. Now there are some skulls that are definitely on the dark side, but my Coach skulls, imo, are not. I have both the black/silver skull and the pave skull and love them!
  9. I have the pink studded one and the white one they had a few years ago, just think they're cute, and yeah, they do add some edge, but hardly think a Coach keyfob could be badass, hehe. Maybe designers Lucien Pellat-Finet or Loree Rodkin are more hardcore.
  10. I have my skull key fob on my black signature Sophia. It adds some funk and really looks cute. I'm not gothic, and I'm not a witch! I just like to look cool and edgey.

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  11. I like the coach skulls, I have 3. In high school i was that rocker chic with the purple hair, now that i dress more "normal" i like to just accessorize my bags with them, i like the look but not that meaning.
  12. Interesting question and some cool replies! Drspock7, I like how you mentioned that a skull and crossbones can have non-negative significance as well.

    I bought the studded skull key fob in silver. To me, it's a touch of rebel/rocker/goth to balance out the cute/girly/feminine look of certain bags. Crystal-d put a skull charm on her floral Sophia and I thought that was fab! I also appreciate that skulls have meanings beyond the benign rocker image, and for all I know they may send certain messages to some parts of the culture....for that matter, so could a teddy bear fob depending on who you're talking to!

    The skulls also remind me of Elmyra, the Tiny Toons character who loved all "aminals" to death. Tiny Toons FTW!!!

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  13. I suppose a person could read a "deeper" meaning into almost anything if they wanted to, but one rarely hears someone discussing how the pig fob/keychain refers to Animal Farm and the deeper political meanings behind it! Sometimes people simply like things because they are visually appealing or trendy or cute, and there is no symbolic meaning at all behind the purchase. I don't have a skull fob, but I had really considered buying one. My reasons would have had nothing whatsoever to do with a deeper or symbolic meaning; I just thought they were cute and kind of edgy.
  14. Agreed!
  15. I third that.