Why Brad, Why?

  1. I know peer pressure is out there but Maddox is just a kid, Brad. Did you have to go out and get the same do?
    brad's mohawk.jpg
  2. Wow, he must really love Angelina's kids. I think it's cute. Brad will always look gorgeous no matter what he does to his hair. :love:
  3. Aww. I think it's cute.
  4. i still feel sad about the brad/jenn breakup LOL. :sad:
  5. so true.:love: :love: :love:
  6. They're his kids now too, legally.
    He adopted Maddox and Zahara, they are the Pitt-Jolies. He seems to be a great dad.
  7. eeeh, I guess he is a very devoted daddy :/
  8. hahha, that is too cute.
  9. I think it's great. Only in Hollywood would they make it seem like a dad and son getting the same hairstyle is a bad thing.
  10. Brad doesn't have much of an identity of his own.

    When he was with gwynneth,he got a short blonde bob like hers.

    With jen,he got long honeyblonde locks like hers.

    And now he's copying Maddox?

    Well he's good for a laugh anyway:lol: :lol: :lol: .
  11. Agreed. He's such a tool. I used to love him, but he has no personality of his own. He just copies whoever he's with, and now he's taking style tips for a 5 year old??
  12. may be he's going crazy.
  13. Please tell me that is Photoshopped.........
  14. Hahaha well I think its cute also.
  15. another tomkat? ugh.