Why boys suck.

  1. My roommate and I had a hellish weekend regarding guys,

    so three bambinone's and 2 caramella's later...


  2. O__o, explain? lolz.
  3. retail therapy! she bought herself, actually a foresta ciao ciao in the beginning, then an inferno and paradiso bambinone and one black camo caramella.

    I am stalking a few things on eBay, and purchased with her, a bambinone in paradiso and a black camo caramella.
  4. and now socprof81 and I(being her room mate) are looking at watches...

    eBay, you are our downfall.
  5. whoa, whoa calm down now lolz.
  6. hehe, it'll be all good until the bills come :smile:
  7. who needs electric? we sure don't! :nuts:
  8. LOLZ. Oh gosh, bills.
  9. we'll let heat go first since it's warm...hehe
  10. nothing like retail therapy, eh? :yes:
    i can definitely relate.
    can i ask..where'd you find the foresta ciao?
  11. she got it via evilbay. hehe.
  12. There's nothing a little retail therapy can't fix. Sorry for your boy troubles- boys can so difficult sometimes. :true:
  13. I agree. When I have some relationship stress, I go and shop a bit.

    I was looking at watches too, but some of them look so big like the Bullets watch. I love those little bullets on the strap, but I'm afraid it will be too big (I like how wide, but the length is an issue). If you guys get a watch, let me know how you think.
  14. ok will do, it's hard to really get how large they are i wonder if anyone has any and if they'd take photos showing what it is like on arm etc.
  15. I bought one (cloudia) and returned it. It was very large! But I still have the picture. I thought it was super cute but it was HEAVY. I could have handled large but the face was very thick, the band was heavy leather and the band was large...I had to wear on the first hole and it still spun around on my wrist! I have an average sized wrist too. I think it was designed with a man in mind.:smile:
    toki walletbags 005 (Medium).jpg toki walletbags 006 (Medium).jpg