Why bother listing?

  1. There has been a particular bag I have been searching for listed up for sale on eBay twice. I am very interested in the bag and would seriously consider the buy now option if the seller answered their emails. The first time it was listed I asked the seller if they had pics of the bag that they had taken (not just pics taken from eluxury) - this went unanswered and the auction ended.

    I notice that the bag has gone up for auction again (2 weeks later) with the same price for starting bid and buy now - so I sent another question asking for pics and still no answer.

    So why bother listing the item with the cost of listing etc if you weren't interested in selling? You would think that you would answer the question in hope of possibly selling the bag. I think I know by now that there is no bag or it is a fake but still why bother listing it?
  2. I know what you mean, what is the point? Definitely stay away from that auction.
  3. I guess they are hoping someone would just do a buy it now and pay right away with no questions asked, lazy scammer.
  4. It they do nnot respond to e-mails, stay away. No matter how much you want the purse.....
  5. Because they're selling a fake and they don't want to show you the real pictures.
  6. Don't buy unless they show the actual picture or respond to email.
  7. Because the bag is fake and they don't want to have to lie any more than they have to. They are just hoping you will buy the darn thing and not know any better. They prefer uneducated buyers so stay away!!
  8. They are either selling a fake bag or no bag at all...therefore they have nothing to take a picture of.
  9. its a BAD sign.... stay away from the auction..:supacool:
  10. I realise that it is either a fake bag or doesn't exist and wouldn't go anywhere near the auction but wondered why you would keep relisting an item that obviously isn't going to sell easily.

    I wish that I could report it to eBay but I don't think there is anything in the listing that I can use to report it for.
  11. They are waiting for someone to just buy it and pay via MO, or even Paypal. Some buyers don't ever even know they have bought a fake.
  12. Actually you can report it under "fraud", then "you suspect a listing is fraudulent but didn't bid"...then explain that the seller has tried to sell this same item using stock imagery at least twice and that he/she refuses to provide actual photographs of the item.
  13. Thanks for that info CynthiaNYC - I will report it.
  14. ebay's full of auctions like this one