Why blonde?

  1. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the beauty forum, so mods please feel free to move this to the best place!

    Ok so my question is: Why did our culture decide that blonde is the best hair color? There are so many hair colors out there yet blonde is the color that many people dye their hair to get and that a lot guys look for on girls. The color is also associated with many stereotypes. I think blondes can wear pretty much any color clothing which I admire, but there is so much focus on that one color!
    Ive been thinking about it for a while but recently one of my best friends was dumped by her boyfriend. The boyfriend said he broke up with her because he "met a smokin hot blonde named ..." A few days later, I two together at Starbucks. The girl is bottle blonde, brown eyes (nothing against brown eyes, Im just pointing that out because it looks even more unatural), slightly obese, and wearing a trashy top and a mini. Ill just say she was not the definition of hot. Im stumped because my friend looks so much better! Im wondering if my friend was dumped only because her ex liked blondes more.
    So can people offer their theorys/opinions on why blondes recieve so much attention?

    P.S. I have nothing against blondes what so ever :yes:
  2. awww I have to say, Im blonde, Im blue eyed, If I wear red, I look cheap, if I wear nude colours, I look washed out and if I try and wear red lipstick, I am so in danger of looking like a hooker lol! I never tan, and if I sit in my car with the roof down, i end up looking like a lobster! One of my friends has beautiful red hair (as does my daughter), and being pale and interesting suits them a billion times more than me, and it is so very striking. Another friend has gorgeous brunette hair that shines and catches the light in a way that blonde hair just never ever does, and ofcourse tans beautifully too!!!

    Sure, some people like blonde hair BUT for every guy or girl that is attracted to a blonde, the same amount are attracted to the classy brunette or the stunning redhead.

    Your friends boyfriend, well, she is well shot of him whatever colour he has gone for lol ;)
  3. I have heard the theory that most blonde people also have blue eyes. When you have blue eyes, you can better see the iris and the pupils and if they are rather wide it is a sign of affection. So someone with brown eyes may also have wide pupils but you can't see them that easily and therefore not see whether the person likes you or not.
    Regina (brown eyes and brown hair)

  4. ITA! Im a dirty blonde/redhead and really white with lots of freckles with blue eyes (think typical Irish stereotype girl, honestly!) and I get more attention then most of my blonde friends because theyre are alot of blondes around here (99% fake blondes of course!) and I very rarely see redheads/freckled girls!
  5. Mmmmm. Interesting.

    I am a hairdresser so naturally I like to play with my hair color ALL the time (I am a natural blonde, btw) I found that there are pros and cons to being blonde or brunette. As a blonde I recieve more attention, plus it puts a little spring in my step, kwim? But, being a brunette I feel like I am taken WAY more seriously, and I feel a little more seductive, and a little bit of a badass.....idk, just my 2 cents.
  6. I read an article about this a while ago..

    Apparently 11,000 years ago all Europeans had brown hair and brown eyes. A genetic mutation caused some women to be born with blonde hair. There was a large population imbalance between men and women, with more competition on the women's side to find one of the few men. Blondes were seen as more desirable and therefore more men mated with blondes, hence passing down the blonde genes and eventually spreading all throughout Europe.
    Blue eyes are thought to be a genetic mutation from inbreeding.

    I guess guys are wired to like blondes :shrugs:
  7. Interesting subject. When I was younger, I envied blonde, blue eyed gals because it seemed to me they didn't have to work as hard as I did, got more respect, got all the breaks, etc. (I'm of course dark haired but my eyes are hazel.) Then I had a long talk with a blonde aquaintence and she told me about the guys who thought because she was blonde, she was a ditz, she was easy, she wanted to be grabbed sexually, etc. I realized all she really wanted was some respect and found it difficult to be taken seriously. I never envied a blonde again. But then again, a blonde can dye her hair dark a lot easier than I can dye mine blonde!

    Agreenst is right, it started a LONG time ago, and blondes were literally put up on pedestals. Even now, reading some posts here, people have spoken about visiting a country of mostly dark-haired peoples, such as Asia, and the locals going nuts of their hair and eye color. I once knew a Japanese man who had pure white hair, and it was longer than mine who told me people in his country used to follow him around and take pictures of his hair. As he said, "It's different, being so white and so long." I get the same thing when I go out as well, having just long hair is... different to a lot of people.
  8. I read that article too, Agreenst. They also claimed that ALL blue eyed people can be traced back to a common ancestor :shocked:

    I think that blonde is more attention-grabbing and men are very visual. I also think that blonde hair is linked to "sexiness"... Think about all of the iconic "blonde bombshells" in recent history like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Pamela Anderson, the Playboy bunnies... I think men just subconsciously (or maybe consciously) link blonde hair with sex. But I also think that blonde women aren't taken as seriously as brunettes (by men OR women).

    I was born with blonde hair and light brown eyes and my hair is now (naturally) a dark chocolate brunette. I've dyed my hair alllll different colors, though. I actually got more attention as a redhead than a blonde. Blonde just didn't suit my personality, but there's upsides and downsides to each hair color. I think people should wear and embrace the color that looks best on them, regardless of what other people think:amuse:
  9. It's so bizarre! I went on a class trip to Beijing in high school and there were a couple girls in my group who had platinum blonde hair. Locals would literally follow our group around and ask them if they could have pictures taken with them. :confused1:
    There was also a 6'2 girl, who they were all enamored by too. she got many marriage proposals from old men on that trip :rolleyes:
  10. I am a green eyed, naturally strawberry blonde haired gal, and I've colored my hair with a blonde full weave, all over blonde, dark brown, auburn, medium brown, etc etc etc...and honestly? I get the most attention when my hair is natural-colored...as in, any shade of strawberry blonde. My DH says that any guy worth his salt is more attracted to a woman that holds onto her natural beauty and tries to emphasize it instead of cover it up with another color or style. :biggrin:
  11. I've read that people are attracted to blonde hair because it reflects light, therefore drawing attention. But I'm a hot brunette (if I do say so myself! LOL) and having dark brown hair doesn't mean you can't attract as much attention. :amuse:

    Getting back to your original post... if your friend's ex dumped her based on her hair color, she is much better off without him.
  12. Now, I don't know about that! I think some people prefer that type, sure, but many others prefer dark haired and/or more exotic beauties! Don't let one guy define beauty for you, there are a lot of other opinions out there! :yes:
  13. ITA, thats kind of what I meant by my first post, I dont see brazilian, spanish-type girls very often here but when I do see them my guy friends go crazy over them!
  14. I am brunette and I love it, i have never wanted to be blonde or red headed, My sister is a natural blonde, maybe thats why.. i dont know.. She has always stayed blonde and I have been brunette both are happy the way we are, We both have blue eyes though which we think is a plus!
  15. i dyed my hair blonde a few years ago. i always had an obsession with blonde, i think bc of my blonde barbie's. i just thought they were so beautiful when i was little.

    when i dyed my hair blonde, not a single guy looked at me, where when i was brunette, i met lots of guys. many people say they get more attention as a blonde, but for me it was the complete opposite.