Why aren't there any threads for VERSACE?

  1. ...Why aren't there?!

    Are they too.....pimpalicious? lol

    I'm new to the designer game, but I've found some VERSACE styles to float my boat. ( I know, some are just hideous)

    What do you ladies think of the last one?
    ...Yeah, it's pretty 'flashy', do you think it still has classic qualities?

    (I'm all about edgy/classic...but there's definitely a thin line between the two..)

    NMV9938_mn.jpg zz12prodImage..jpg zz13prodImage.jpg 0413375849455_275x275.jpg p11408423_ph_hero.jpg
  2. Thats a good question lol. I never thought about it. Im personally not a big fan of Versace, even though I have seen some bags that I have liked.
  3. Oh yeaahh.....that's right! :confused1:
  4. Some of their bags are beautiful, their luggage is a bit eh...their clothes however :drool: usually...although Donatella has gone a bit down hill lately.
  5. I like the first one the most. As for the last one, I like the shape, but I'm not liking the shiny material.