Why aren't more accessories on eBay

  1. I was just wondering if I am not doing the correct search or if there really aren't alot of accessories that show up for sale on eBay?
  2. they pop up here and there but they're rare...
  3. They come and go...

    Like a couple of weeks ago there was heaps... and now, not so many.

    What were you looking for?
  4. I think I'm hooked on the coin purses. They would give me the opportunity to add alot more colors to my collection at the fraction of the cost of a bag
  5. Yeah, coin purses rock... I got one a couple of weeks ago in Blue India..

    Fits heaps and is really handy!

    Hang tight, one will pop up soon enough
  6. Exactly what I am thinking :p
  7. sometime it appears on eBay.co.uk
  8. thing is.. when they do come up they go for mega £££!
  9. There are never any shoulders either ;-( There is only one up now...
  10. I, too, am looking for that seemingly elusive coin purse in the colors of my choice. There are 3 coin purses on eBay right now -- ice blue, truffle, and cornflower, I think. BNWT from BalNY, they're $285 -- I'm not willing to pay more than that on eBay...
  11. I wouldnt either...! and the Cornflower on isnt brand new...

    I got mine from here and it cost me only AU$20 over 'normal' retail so I was pretty happy with that. And it was next day delivery :graucho:

    But for bags... international buying is the go!