Why are you up?

  1. My bt is in TX for vacation I feel lonely i guess...it is 12:30 AM in AZ .... not too late but for me it is....
  2. Talking to BF about last minute vacation stuff, going through a list in my mind of what I need to do tomorrow before we leave on Monday! :nuts: (And it's only 12:30AM here in San Francisco)
  3. Because in Queensland, Australia, it's currently 17:49 in the late afternoon! ;)

    This is FrankieP, in Qld, reporting to you from your future! :p
  4. There is morning. (:
  5. Because I am a First Class Night Owl. I feel the best I'm ever going to feel between midnight and 4 a.m., and I'm determined to make the most of it. :p
  6. Staying up for the heck of it...taking advantage of our vacation.....feel tired though...just not sleepy yet....

    Its nice...
  7. Because it's 10.09 am. Julia decides that wake up time is around 7.30 am! :smile:
  8. because i am glued on the computer.

    ok its bc i have no where to go!!! lol
  9. Because it's 10.22 AM. Enjoying my cappuccino and catching up on threads.
  10. Because I fell asleep at 6pm (just a nap, right?), and didn't wake up until 12:30am. It's nearly 1:30am in California now, and I am wandering around like an idiot, totally awake. :rolleyes:
  11. 11.09 am, and working! ;)
  12. I rarely lie in until 10.30 in the morning, even on a Sunday!
  13. Still wandering! :rolleyes::girlsigh:
    Watching a docu on Riker's Island Prison at 2:48am...faaabulous!
  14. Because it's 2 pm. :idea:
  15. i went to go eat with my cousin and friend like around 9pm and i'm super full...i can't sleep like this...also my SO is in HK so right now its monday for him and he's at the office so we're emailing back and forth lol