Why are you so crazy about SPEEDY ?

  1. Bonjour from France. I red a lot of threads speaking about SPEEDY (mono, damier, epi, MC....).
    I would like to know why you are so crazy about it ! If we have a deep look at it, it has not a fantastic shape, it can sag and the opening is not very large to put things inside, so WHY ? In France you can see a lot of SPEEDY carried by women around 50 years old and more, it's considered as a very classical bag.
  2. It´s cute but I´m not crazy about it.
  3. It IS a very classic bag but I think it's suitable for any age group, not necessarily only for older women... It's just so easy to match too!
  4. I'm not crazy about it...sorry this is off topic but since you're from France I heard that monogram is not as popular as Damier there...is this true? And what's the popular style for the 20's or 30's French ladies then? Hehehe just curious cos I've never been to France before.:sad: Thank you!:flowers:
  5. i love the shape of speedy. its just a great size. though it can sag, but we can prevent it from sagging by putting a sturdy base.
  6. I love the shape of the speedy, too! I didn't see what the hype was too until I owned one and now, I wanna collect all speedys! It's just such a classy handbag, IMO. :smile:
  7. IMO, Speedy is classic and easily matched with any apparel :yes:
    I got the 30 and I frequently carry it :smile:

    I'm not so crazy on Speedy
    But I think it's one of the best choices for handheld-bag lover :tender:
  8. the speedy is a LV timeless classic. i own a 35 monogram speedy and find it very useful. i am not crazy about the speedy but just like it enough to own one. :yes:
  9. i love the look/shape of it and it's so classic! and you can wear it with anything! :love:
  10. a lot of people all over the world love speedy...from the US to Asia...Maybe its not so popular in Europe...wonder why???

    I cant wait for my damier speedy 30.....
  11. Bonjour Lee69, in France you can find a lot of monogram bags as well as damier or epi ones. Expensive lines are less common because of price. Young ladies follow fashion as every where in the world, so what you can see in the states can be seen in France.
  12. I really didn't understand it myself when I first joined the forum, it was like "Hey, what's all this hype about this boring bag?", but when I went to the butique I ended up buying one, and it was so wonderful! It can hold a lot, but still be tidy, and it just suits everyting.
  13. I LOVE my mandarin epi speedy, but speedy is not my FAV. b/c I like bags I can get on my shoulder the best.....I love the look and shape of it though no doubt, and especially the epi b/c no sagging....
  14. I'm not crazy about it.. I have one anyways though !
  15. To me, it is one of the most classic pieces from Louis Vuitton and it is a great starter bag for anyone that is purchasing a LV bag for the first time. Somewhat like a gateway drug:lol: .