"why are you selling it?"

  1. Why do buyers repeatedly ask why you are selling an item you have up for auction???? "Uh, because I don't want it." What do they expect you to say?
  2. Wouldn't it be funny if you made up some elaborate story? Oh, the possibilities ...
  3. Year's ago it was a recommended technique for buyer's to ask that when responding to a classified ad. You were hoping for a response like " I bought the sofa but it wouldn't fit in my living room and I can't return it- my loss is your gain".
    A while ago I was looking for a Shearling coat on eBay and I kept running across ad that told how they had bought their coat on a ski trip but didn't get any use out of it in the warm state they lived in. After 20 such excuses it really wore thin.:p
  4. I always wonder why people ask. Like I'm not being honest and it has a hole in it somewhere. It's kind of insulting..
  5. i double dog dare someone to say "i bought it ridiculously cheap and thought i could make a huge profit on it. i hope you win it!"
  6. ^^ LOL

    I had someone ask me that. Very odd question.

  7. LOL

    I have said that I got a deal and just thought I would try to pass it on ~
  8. Lol. Sometimes I do put in why I'm selling a certain clothing item but otherwise, I generally don't.
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Say, "I'm promised to help pay for Aunt Derrick's sex change operation."
  11. I'll tell you why I asked this question just yesterday..a purse forum participant gushes on this blog how she loves this certain designer purse, how she's an addicted to them and a budding collector. Then I see that she's selling a model of this brand on eBay, it's a rare color font out of circulation but now she's selling it and I want to buy it and yea, I'm curious as to why she's selling it, IOW what's wrong with it?

    I will ask this question if it's rare piece and the seller is a big collector of that sale catagory. Yes I'm curious? Like OMGOSH why???? You're such a collector (I especially do this with antiques) however for the most part I'm trying to see if there is an issue with the item?

  12. You can be the most honest person in the world but eBay harbors lots of dishonest sellers. Buyer beware? I've been burned by sellers not disclosing the complete truth, you can't ask enough questions in my opinion and yes I know it's a pain for you guys but that's nature of e-line business.
  13. I blatently say: "I dont want it any more and im trying to save up and make money for a new, more exciting bag"
  14. :roflmfao: So funny!!!
  15. I don't want it anymore cause my dog peed on it and I can't get the smell out! Oh, well, I've always said if you ask a stupid question you'll get a stupid answer.