Why are you an LV addict ?

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  1. bonjour, can you explain the reasons why you chose this brand to be your favorite one ?
  2. i love the mono but apart from that thier is no real reason i just love lv, i mean i love gucci's mono and chanel and all that jazz but lV sticks out as the far best bag company and far best anything for that matter lol
  3. For me, I think its timeless and classic. The quality is superb. The workmanship is excellent. With an LV bag, the old adage is true-- You get what you pay for!!!!
  4. ^ true i forgot to add that it will never die in terms of fashion so you really get your moneys worth!!! but then again that can be said with all designer brands i gues sit boils down to preference
  5. i love the look of lv (well, there are certain styles that i could do without) but besides that, it's timeless, classic, elegant, can be dressed up or down and it gives me something that could definately be passed down to my daughter. i know that my bags will stand the test of time and be treasured when they have aged. i also have a bit of love for gucci, dior & fendi but i think the lv will out live them.
  6. ^ thats ironic but i agree vuitton wil never die!!!, but concidering chanel and dior were created in the same time as vuitton theoretically they should be equally as classical! btw i didnt really belive it but my sa told me chanel really designed the alma for vuitton!!
  7. I'm a recent convert, but I was attracted by the classic, timeless styles.
    I love that a bag purchased 20 (or more!) years ago is still stylish today!
  8. For me, I like the best of everything. When I needed a new watch, I bought Rolex. When I wanted a new bag, I bought LV! ;) I know, Hermes is more expensive, but I just think the various styles, materials and colors of LV are very versitile and classic. :smile:
  9. I LOVE dif. shapes and colors of LV bags!!!:love:
  10. Workmanship and style!
  11. Every women in this world should have at least one Louis Vuitton bag.
  12. I love the style, craftmanship, durability and not to mention it's timelesss. At Ebay I saw 20 yo LV bags still look great and people still pay good money for it. It 's almost the same price the owner paid back then.
    I personally think it's luxury brand name but not too over the top like Hermes..I agree every women should have at least one LV.
  13. It's one of my favorites cause it's a classic and I've heard so much good things about the quality of the bags and the customer service they have.
  14. I was never really a fan of LV and their signature mono line, but when I saw the CB line came out it was love at 1st sight! After that it just goes on naturally and I've been a devoted fan since.

    Quality and crafstmanship are not no. 1 imo. There's something about them that is just really appealing. Cant really pin point what it is, all I know is just I'm attracted to LV, period! :P
  15. At first, I thought this thread was addressed to me personally!!!:lol: :roflmfao: